I have just had a telephone call from our local PCSO relating to recent vehicle crime within the general area.

There have been incidents where vehicles have been entered into or even stolen where the owner is adamant that the vehicle was locked.

The most recent was a Ford Focus ST that was stolen from Wolston at approx  19:00/20:00 on Saturday 30th January. This vehicle was fitted with a keyless ignition/entry system, which is now prevelant on many vehicles, and perhaps explains where others have been entered into with no visible signs of forced entry.

In these cases, vehicle entry would have been gained by the thief walking up close to ones house and electronically copying the vehicle access data from the key fob that may have been left close to the house entrance. We are advised that to minimise this eventuality, the keys should preferrably be left in a signal blocker pouch (available from Halfords, Amazon, E Bay and others) away from your doors. In the absence of a signal blocker, a covered tin will give at least some protection, although not as good.

Since the thieves have to get relatively close to your house to obtain the signal, the police have asked you all ensure your house alarm and video systems are operational and any suspicious activity or visitors are immediately reported (101 historical or 999 urgent). They also suggested, for hi performance vehicles in particular, that a steering lock is fitted to your vehicle. Also, for those houses with high hedges, bear in mind that whilst they may provide an element of privacy to your home, they do likewise for the thief.

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