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Tuesday 11 Jun 2013

Photos from the May Open Day











Tuesday 11 Jun 2013

Binley Woods Parish Plan – May Steering Group Minutes

Here are the minutes of the May Steering Group meeting…
Binley Woods Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 18

Saturday 03 Nov 2012

Open Day Photos

Enjoy these photos from the Open Day on Saturday 3rd November.  Click one to see larger versions.

Thursday 13 Sep 2012


As part of the Binley Woods Parish Plan, we are seeking the views of the younger members of our community. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by following the apropriate link:


If you are aged 11 to 18, please complete the Youth Survey here:


If you are in School Years 3 to 6, please complete the KS2 Survey here:


If you are in School Year 2 or earlier, please complete the Foundation Stage / KS1 Survey here:



Monday 05 Mar 2012

Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 23/02/2012

These are the key points from the meeting.  For the full minutes please read the formal Minutes document.

The newsletter and Housing Needs questionnaire are now being delivered to households and a number of posters provided by Midlands Rural Housing, have been placed on show at strategic places around the village publicising the questionnaire.

Parish Plan Sub Group
The group has had talks with village groups and has drawn up a list of the 130 issues already received.  Parking is the worst issue recorded and a map will be on show at the Open Day to record the locations of parking issues.

The Open Day  ***Everybody welcome***

The Parish Plan Open Day
is at Binley Woods Village Hall
on Saturday 24th March 2012

Drop in any time between 10.00am and 5.00pm

Find out what’s happening on the Parish Plan, Housing Needs Survey and Village Design Statement

Have your say on village issues and get help with your housing questionnaire

Meet your MP (11.00am – 12.00 noon)

Bring along your old photos and share your memories of the village

See more information in the full Minutes document.

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

First Parish Plan Newsletter

The first Parish Plan Newsletter is being distributed in the village.  You can read it here.

green line

It advertises the Parish Plan Open Day on Saturday 24th March:

Drop in any time between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Find out what’s happening and have your say on village issues.  You can get help with your Housing Needs Questionnaire (up to 2:00 pm), and meet your MP (between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon).

Bring along your old photos and share memories of the village.  If you wish, your photos can be scanned while you wait, to provide a village resource for the future.

Read the Newsletter for more information.

green line

There’s a list of the main milestones in the Parish Plan process:

March 2012
Housing Needs Survey questionnaire distributed around the village

June 2012
Housing Needs Survey summary results published

September 2012
Main Parish Plan / Village Design Statement questionnaire distributed around the village

December 2012
Interim Report showing the results of the main questionnaire published

February 2013
Parish Plan Open Day in the Village Hall to gain residents’ endorsement of the main survey findings and input to the ‘action plan’ to address the issues identified

May 2013
Parish Plan and Village Design Statement published

green line

It explains the Housing Needs Survey:

The Housing Needs Survey questionnaires are being distributed around the village at the beginning of March. This timing allows us to follow up on any housing issues identified in the Survey in the main Parish Plan / Village Design Statement questionnaire which will be distributed in the summer.

The Housing Needs Survey is being undertaken for us by an independent body, Midlands Rural Housing, and all the information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. Individual replies will not be seen by Rugby Borough Council, the Parish Council or indeed anyone other than a small team of Midlands Rural Housing staff.

Even if you do not consider that you have a housing need, it would be extremely helpful if you would complete the initial part of the questionnaire (that’s only six questions) in order that your views on the village and its current and future housing can be established. And by returning your questionnaire on time, you might even win a £50 cash prize!

Saturday 11 Feb 2012

What Issues is Binley Woods facing?

We need to identify the issues, and we need to know your point of view
So that we can develop a good Parish Plan questionnaire, please help us to identify those issues that residents of Binley Woods feel strongly about.

Examples of possible issues

  • Is speeding traffic or dog fouling a major problem?
  • Is parking a problem, or our narrow roads causing parked cars to block the pavement?
  • Are there problems with our refuse collection or public transport or pavements?
  • Do we have enough facilities for our youngsters or mothers & toddlers or elderly residents?  If not, what is missing?
  • Are we well served by the Police or NHS or Social Services?  If not, how could this be improved?
  • Is the infrequent evening bus service an issue?
  • What about the congestion in the Elm Close area?

Good things
Please affirm things that you value in the village that you would want protected and would not like to lose, such as:

  • Shops, including the pharmacy and dentist, and the Roseycombe
  • Village Hall and Village Hall Committee
  • Brandon Woods community woodland and the Friends of Brandon Woods
  • The street lighting provision and the 30mph limit on Rugby Road
  • Allotments, playing field, pavilion and village green with children’s playground
  • The 15 minute bus service into Coventry and evening buses to the hospital
  • The Primary School
  • Parish Council

You may agree or disagree with any of those examples, and you may have other ideas.  Please tell us what you think – we need to know your point of view!

Please take a few minutes to think about what issues you or your group believes need to be addressed and jot your views down in a comment below…  You can do that by clicking the “Comment”  link below. You can do it anonymously, or you can leave your name, and even add your e-mail address, as you wish.

Saturday 11 Feb 2012

Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 25/01/2012

These are the key points from the meeting.  For the full minutes please read the formal Minutes document.

Issues facing the village
To help us develop the Parish Plan Questionnaire, we are compiling a list of issues facing the village that residents feel strongly about.  We already have a long list, and we will be talking to all local and Village Hall user groups to establish their likely issues.

Housing Needs Survey Questionnaire
This is the Questionnaire for the Housing Needs Survey, which will be delivered personally to every household by members of the Steering Group and Volunteers Group over two weeks from the end of February.  Maximisation of the number of completed questionnaires returned will be helped by an explanation of its purpose and offer of assistance to each household on delivery.  All completed returned questionnaires will be entered into a £50 prize draw, to further encourage completions.

Open Day – 24th March
The Village Hall will be open to residents from 10am to 5pm.   The object is to enable residents to get to know more about the Parish Plan Project and the progress to date towards its final production.  A representative of Midlands Rural Housing will be available until 2 pm to deal with any questions relating to the Housing Survey.

Next Newsletter
Watch out for the next Newsletter, coming soon.  (The minutes document mentions coloured papaer for the Newsletter, but it will be on white paper because coloured is a lot more expensive.)

Team Get-Together – 20th February
This will be a get-together of the Steering Group and Volunteers.  The purpose of  this meeting will be to enable group members and volunteers to get to know each other, and to update volunteers on the present status of the project.   We’ll also work out arrangements for delivering the questionnaires.

See more information in the full minutes document.

Thursday 05 Jan 2012

What should replace the library when it closes?

There is at present no indication of Warwickshire County Council’s intentions for the library site after it closes at the end of March.

As a prelude to our work on the Parish Plan for Binley Woods, we would like to invite residents to make suggestions on what you would like to see on this site.  Please do that by adding comments below this article, by clicking the link to “Leave a Comment”.  You can do that anonymously, or you can leave your name, and even your e-mail address, as you wish.

The aim here is to take the temperature before formalising the (comprehensive) survey that will be given to all Binley Woods residents.  So this exercise is not a survey, and we’re not asking you to vote.  But we would like to see what ideas are out there.

Here are some examples to get you thinking.  You may have others:

  • extend the adjacent Rugby Council sheltered housing
  • a car park for sports teams and supporters using the recreation field, to relieve parking congestion
  • social housing
  • a high-spec detached private residential property
  • a clinic / medical centre
  • a small gym along the lines of Wolston’s

Please pass the message on to your friends and neighbours in Binley Woods.  You can send them an e-mail by clicking the “Share this” grey e-mail icon below.  If you’re on Facebook, you can share it with your friends on Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon.

Now please leave a comment!

Thursday 29 Dec 2011

Logo for inclusion in documents and official e-mails

This is the logo for Binley Woods Parish Plan documents and information, voted for by the Steering Group.  The group of three trees was specially designed by Steven Hier, of Binley Woods.

To download, (left-)click on the image you need to display it on its own, and and then save it to your computer.

  • The first one in each row is for printing up to 5 cm square at printer resolution 300 dots per inch.  So use this one in Word documents and PDFs where the logo will be printed up to 5cm square.  (On a display screen or e-mail it will go up to about 18 cm without blurring.)
  • The second one is for screen display or inserted in an e-mail at the size shown, or for printing up to about 1.5 cm
  • The third one is for display or e-mails at the size shown.  It’s too small for documents that will be printed.




For black-and-white documents:





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