Please find letter copied below from the Planning Department at Rugby Borough Council regarding the planning application for the Speedway Site and the contact to whom you should email if you have any comments regarding the proposal.

Development Team Rugby Borough Council 01788 533789

18 October 2018

Mr J Cook Binwoodspc@aol.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

Planning Consultation – Parish Council

Reference Number: R18/0186


Proposal description: Demolition of existing buildings and outline planning application for residential development of up to 137 dwellings (Use Class C3) including means of access from the Rugby Road, new open space and associated infrastructure. All other matters reserved.

I refer to the above application and have received additional information that you may wish to comment on.

If you wish to view the plans and documents on-line these are available at: http://www.planningportal.rugby.gov.uk/fulldetail.asp?AltRef=R18/0186

Consultation responses should be sent by e-mail to Erica.Buchanan@rugby.gov.uk or in the post to the above address by 08/11/2018

If this application is determined by the Planning Committee members of the public may have the opportunity to speak at the meeting. More details about public speaking are available from the Council or on-line at: http://www.rugby.gov.uk/speakingatplanning Information regarding how the Council deals with personal information is available at: https://www.rugby.gov.uk/PlanningPrivacy

If you have any queries please contact me.

Yours Faithfully,

Erica Buchanan Rugby Borough Council


  1. we wish to object to the proposed planning for housing for at Brandon Stadium

  2. I am writing to give my thoughts about Brandon stadium being allowed to be built on. I think it is wrong to build houses on it as it is and was a much used and needed place that was well supported by many of us for both speedway and stock cars. Brandon estates have have not been honest with their facts. They have been given an offer on it to return it to its proper use of motor sport. A foot ball pitch in the area is not needed to gain planing permission to build houses no one wants built their. The area and the midlands need it being returned to its original use since the early 19 hundreds

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