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Monday 01 Feb 2021


I have just had a telephone call from our local PCSO relating to recent vehicle crime within the general area.

There have been incidents where vehicles have been entered into or even stolen where the owner is adamant that the vehicle was locked.

The most recent was a Ford Focus ST that was stolen from Wolston at approx  19:00/20:00 on Saturday 30th January. This vehicle was fitted with a keyless ignition/entry system, which is now prevelant on many vehicles, and perhaps explains where others have been entered into with no visible signs of forced entry.

In these cases, vehicle entry would have been gained by the thief walking up close to ones house and electronically copying the vehicle access data from the key fob that may have been left close to the house entrance. We are advised that to minimise this eventuality, the keys should preferrably be left in a signal blocker pouch (available from Halfords, Amazon, E Bay and others) away from your doors. In the absence of a signal blocker, a covered tin will give at least some protection, although not as good.

Since the thieves have to get relatively close to your house to obtain the signal, the police have asked you all ensure your house alarm and video systems are operational and any suspicious activity or visitors are immediately reported (101 historical or 999 urgent). They also suggested, for hi performance vehicles in particular, that a steering lock is fitted to your vehicle. Also, for those houses with high hedges, bear in mind that whilst they may provide an element of privacy to your home, they do likewise for the thief.

Monday 21 Sep 2020


Yesterday, Sunday 20th at approx 11:30-11:45 am, an elderly gentleman was walking his dog along Rugby Rd (left hand side towards Rugby, near the pedestrian crossing) when he was approached by a slim built young woman in a hi viz vest, estimated at 20 years of age and 5ft4/5ft 5in tall with a pony tail.The woman spoke with a foreign accent, but good English, and asked the gentleman to sign a document on a clipboard that was apparently supporting the RSPCA. She was extremely over friendly, kissing his neck and telling him how nice he was and then left quickly, heading towards Coventry. Upon returning home, he noticed that his gold necklace was missing and immediately phoned the police, who have since visited and are now investigating. This email is sent as a warning to others, but also if you have any further information or CCTV evidence that could help, please phone the police via 101

Thursday 20 Feb 2020


Temporary Road Closure of Monks Road_Binley Woods

Please be advised of the proposed diversion for the above road closure from 16/03/2020  to 19/03/2020 To facilitate works for the renewal of a water pipe.

The emergency services will be informed and the contractor will notify residents and businesses directly affected by the closure.

Sunday 08 Dec 2019



This was reported to me by a neighbour. If you witnessed anything suspicious, please advise police on 101

Buglary – House – Heather Road

Approximately 4.15am Sunday 08 December,2019

detached house entered by climbing a wall before smashing rear patio door window.

Only kitchen access gained. A locked connecting door (which the intruders attempted to break down)

prevented access to rest of house; the intruders being disturbed by the occupants.


Three adult males seen hurrying away towards Birchwood Road.

Small items of personal property known to be stolen at this stage.

It is believed that the intruders were looking for the house owner’s car keys.


Appears similar to three men being disturbed in a rear garden at a house in Woodlands Road a few months ago.

Tuesday 26 Nov 2019


I have had a report today concerning the suspicious behaviour of a woman walking the village and looking fairly closely at the houses she passed. A resident did confront her and she said in a foreign (perhaps Eastern European) that she was new to the area and looking for an entrance to the park, despite saying that she had moved into a house near the park. Obviously this sounds suspicious.

I did note that there was a posting on the Binley Woods Social Group facebook page yesterday, that included an excellent photo of the woman that matched the description given to me today and said that she had actually been dropped off (probably on the Rugby Rd) from a white van.

The incident has today been reported to the police via 101.

Should you see anyone/anything of this nature, dial 101 straight away, or if there are any historical sightings of something similar, email or call the Warwickshire Police Rugby Rural South and Central team on 01788853851

Thursday 16 May 2019


The next Police Drop In will be on Sunday 2nd June between 10:00 and 10:45 in the service area just off the A46.

At this mobile police station you will be able to meet your local PCSO (Dave Banks) and seek any advice that you may wish to discuss.

Thursday 16 May 2019


A resident on Rugby Road has had their two small garden lion statues  which were in the front garden. If anyone sees these abandoned anywhere please contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 150-12-05-2019.

Wednesday 10 Apr 2019


Due to illness, PCSO Dave Banks sends his apologies and will have to cancel today’s mobile police station visit to Broad St Rugby Club car park.

Tuesday 26 Mar 2019


The Parish Council have recently been given a “Holiday Box” from Warwickshire Police which will be available for loan (on a first come first served basis) to all residents.

The box comprises of:
3 x 24 hour timers for setting lights
A TV Simulator which flickers and looks like the TV is on
2 x Alarmed Padlocks for use on sheds etc Property Marking advice leaflets Doorstep advice leaflets for residents.

Should any of you wish to borrow this box for your holiday period, please contact any one of the Parish Councillors who will arrange pick up and return.

Monday 25 Mar 2019


The next Police Drop In will be on Wednesday April 10th between 16:30 and 17:30 on the Broad St Rugby Club Car Park.

At this mobile police station you will be able to meet your local PCSO (Dave Banks) and seek any advice that you may wish to discuss.

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