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Sunday 17 Jun 2012

Housing Needs Survey Analysis Report

Here is the final report from Midlands Rural Housing: Binley Woods Housing Needs Survey Analysis Report

427 survey forms were returned out of 1,122 distributed.  In the experience of MRH this is a very good level of response for a survey of this kind – so thank you, Binley Woods residents.

Here are some of your comments, recorded in the report:

Supportive of housing development to meet local needs

There were 169 general comments highlighting a lack of affordable / low cost / rented / shared ownership / council housing; for the young / elderly / families / disabled / first-time buyers and those on low and average incomes.

“The previous local poll on housing needs in this area was ignored and expensive houses built on previous school land”

“A small rental retirement scheme in Binley Woods would be ideal.  It would enable elderly residents to remain in the village and thus free up more properties.  The village is ideally situated close to all amenities to make this viable.”

“Not an estate but a small development of quality apartments or two bed homes on the library site”

“The community has on-going needs especially affordable housing”


Not supportive of housing development to meet local needs

“This village needs to stay so – creating more houses does not give the feeling of a village anymore”

“No further building of new homes should be considered in the village as there is insufficient infrastructure to deal/support with this i.e. drainage etc.”

“More development, especially low cost, will move us from a pleasant village to an estate – there are plenty of low cost properties in the local surrounding area”

“Keep the area as it is to maintain a community feeling”

“The ‘need’ for affordable housing should not be an issue – myself and others who grew up in Binley Woods moved away to buy our first property and those who wished to return did so when they could afford to”

“There is no real need for extra housing.  Traffic problems are bad enough now around the village.”


Other comments regarding housing, development and life in Binley Woods

“Excellent place to bring up a young family although it would benefit from more facilities”

“If new housing is to be built make sure of ample parking ground and space to each property and wide enough roads for access and parking”

“We hope this survey is not a repeat of the ‘junior school’ scheme that was used to build expensive executive homes and not starter homes as promised”

“No affordable homes should be built on green belt land even if it could be identified as an exception site”

“This form and associated notes refers to Binley Woods as rural.  I consider Binley Woods to be a suburb of Coventry and doesn’t have separate housing needs.  There are few jobs in Binley Woods and very few that would require living locally.”

“Homes built should have off street parking; garages should have cars”

“Why can’t Binley Woods have a Warwickshire post code?  We pay our council tax to Rugby and having a Warwickshire post code would reduce the amount of insurance that we have to pay.”

“Do not agree with backyard development – i.e. if one property is pulled down only one property should be rebuilt”

 “Only develop on land that has already been developed and is not currently utilised”

“Binley Woods needs jobs before houses”

“Very concerned about garden developments in the village”

“Binley Woods, or any village, does not need flats/maisonettes – Any housing should be traditional housing with back gardens for both young and old”

To get the full picture, read the full report

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011

Housing Needs Group Meeting 11/11/2011

The Group met with Richard Mugglestone from Midlands Rural Housing (working under contract to Rugby Borough Council), who spoke about his role in surveying housing needs in rural areas.

Midlands Rural Housing can produce a Housing Needs Survey together with a covering letter, analyse the results and produce a report.  Richard has considerable experience and expertise in drawing up questionnaires but would consult with us to decide on the questions to be included.  There would be no cost to us.

Discussion took place around the timescale and consensus was that the questionnaire should be administered in early spring.  This would be well before the main Parish Plan survey but that was considered useful for several reasons:

  1. Analysis will be by a separate body so it does not need to be an integral part of the main survey
  2. Information collected may be very useful in informing the main questionnaire
  3. An earlier survey will keep people interested and involved
  4. Two shorter questionnaires with a period of time in between would be less daunting than one long questionnaire.  This might improve response rate.

We discussed strategies for encouraging people to respond. Suggestions included:

  1. Posters placed on lamp posts
  2. Offering residents the services of a volunteer to help fill in the questionnaire
  3. Volunteers being on hand at village coffee morning or other specified community event

Richard agreed to provide information for the Project Plan and to produce a draft questionnaire and covering letter so that these can be discussed at the next Housing Needs Group meeting.

We all felt this had been a very useful meeting.

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