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Saturday 12 May 2018


It is sad to say that once again someone has attempted to access the defibrillator located by the chemist in Woodlands Road and in so doing has broken off the perspex cover that protects the keypad from the elements. I suspect that whoever did this was frightened off by the alarm and having reclipped one of the door fasteners to stop the noise, rapidly left the scene.

Needless to say, this equipment can be a life saver and if anyone is found to be responsible, they will be reported to the police.

Sunday 22 Apr 2018


Suspicious Incident at Property in Binley Woods
Posted on April 21, 2018 by admin
At around 13.30 hrs on 21/4/18, a householder returned to his property on Rugby Road, Binley Woods and saw three males in his garden. When seen they made off by jumping the gate and ran towards the woods.
One offender is described as having black hair, stubble, possibly foreign and carrying a spanner, all three were wearing black clothes, caps and gloves.
If you saw anyone matching this description or have any information that could help the police with their enquiries please call 101 and refer to inc 236 of 21/4/18.
For crime prevention advice plese visit our website at

Wednesday 18 Apr 2018


Crime Prevention
Marking your property is a positive way to fight crime, it can act as a deterrent, it allows you to prove ownership and helps you to identify your property easily if it is offered for sale. Marking your property also provides a means for the police to identify stolen goods and return them to their owners.
There are a number of ways to mark your property including utilising visible markers such as permanent marker pens, waterproof paint, stencils, engraving and specialised overt marking kits which are available on the market.
You can also use invisible markers such as UV pens or specialised forensic kits such as Smartwater.
Smartwater have recently reduced their standard price for a home marking kit from £68 to £25 which is available to anyone.

Smartwater is currently working in partnership with West Mercia Police and is providing an ?offer? for residents to purchase a standard home marking kit for a discounted price of £19.95.

Any residents wishing to purchase Smartwater at this reduced price can do so by calling Smartwater on 0333 370 7797 and quoting “WDBC”.




Tuesday 10 Apr 2018


Car Stolen in Binley Woods

Vehicle crime, Binley Woods
Incident number: 26 of 9/4/18
Date: 08/04/2018

At around 22.50 hrs on 8/4/18, unknown offender(s) entered and stole a BMW on Woodlands Road, Binley Woods.

If you saw anyone acting suspiciously or have any information that could help the police with their enquiries please call 101 and refer to inc 26 of 9/4/18.

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018


Burglary at home in Rugby Road, Binley Woods

Burglary, Rugby Road, Binley Woods
Incident number: 255 of 12 March
Date: 12/03/2018

Please be aware that at some point before 4.30pm on 12 March, offenders entered the rear garden of a home in Rugby Road, Binley Woods and then smashed through a rear door into the house.

Once inside the house, the offenders carried out a search before making off with a television.

If you have information that you believe may be connection to this incident, please contact the Police on 101, quoting the incident number given.

Please remain vigilant around your area and report suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to the Police on 101. Thank you.

Information can also be given anonymously to the Independent Charity, Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website:

Wednesday 21 Feb 2018


The police have asked if when out and about, you could look out for any discarded items of jewellery/medals.
This follows a buglary at a property in Brandon on 1st February, where a number of items were stolen including a Percy John Webb 3 campaign medal and a 1953 coronation tin containing regimental badge and army photos.

Tuesday 16 Jan 2018



Recent Incidents Binley Woods

Burglary, Rugby Road
Incident number: 4 of 15 January
Date: 15/01/2018

Please be aware that at just after midnight on 15 January, offenders smashed a window at a home in Rugby Road, Binley Woods, alerting the residents of the house with the noise. The residents turned on lights and the offenders quickly made off. The offenders failed to get into the house and nothing was stolen.

Vehicle crime, Heather Road

  • Incident number: 58 of 16 January
  • Date: 15/01/2018 – 16/01/2018

Please be aware that at around 2am on 16 January, offenders broke into two vehicles which were parked on the driveway of a home in Heather Road, Binley Woods.  Several items were stolen.

Tuesday 02 Jan 2018


Have your say on funding policing in Warwickshire

Police Precept Consultation 2018/19 and Council Tax Survey

Wednesday 13 Dec 2017



I have just spoken to Rugby council and can confirm that Black bin collection will now be next Tuesday (19th December) with the Blue bins. 


Their website is misleading, in that it suggests that  “All black bins will be collected on Wednesday the 20th”.  RBC inform me that the wording will need to be changed.



Tuesday 28 Nov 2017



Footway Resurfacing – D2095 Monks Road, Binley Woods. 


Work to repair and resurface the footway on D2095 Monks Road, Binley Woods, are programmed for week commencing the 11th December 2017 to 22 nd December 2017. Then work will restart 2nd January 2018 and finish 2nd February 2018.


Warwickshire County Council’s contractor Balfour Beatty will be undertaking these works, to help facilitate them; if you are a vehicle owner could you ensure that your vehicle is parked elsewhere away from the carriageway to allow the contractor access to the site. 


There will inevitably be some disruption to residents, but every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum. 


During the works, and only whilst the Contractor is working, pedestrian barriers will be erected at each gateway/driveway to your property, this is to protect you from our works, please do not remove these, either ask one of our work force or sound your car horn and the barriers will be removed at a safe time to allow you access/egress.  


If in any doubt, please ask any member of the workforce who will be more than happy to help. 


If during the works you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the contactors Footway Manager who will be in a position to deal with your concerns directly. He can be contacted on this telephone number 07837 319 323. 


I wish to thank you in anticipation of your co-operation which will help to ensure the works are carried out as quickly and safely as possible, if you require any further information or wish to discuss the works please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Yours faithfully 


Jonathan Cook


Planned Works Engineer