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This is the website for the Binley Woods village community, set up for the communications for the development of our Parish Plan.

It is geared towards hosting a stream of updates and comments together with a reference library of documents, meeting minutes, etc.

The “Home Page” always has the most recent additions, with the newest first.

For older material, click on the menu tabs to get:

  • Updates – for past news and updates
  • Events – meetings and other Parish Plan events, including past events
  • Reference – minutes of meetings, Parish Plan documents, etc

Links to local community websites
On the right hand side of the page we’ve added links to websites about Parish Plans and links to Binley Woods local community-oriented websites, which are relevant to the Parish Plan topic.  Please tell us if we have missed any.  For links to local commercial organisations, please go to the Binley Woods Online website, which has a comprehensive list of local businesses, as well as a lot of other information about Binley Woods and Binley Woods organisations.

Please leave a comment
We invite Binley Woods people to comment and give your opinions and ideas on the articles.  In fact getting your comments is one of the main reasons for this website.  If you would like to comment, click the Comments link at the end of any article.  If you don’t have a login to any of the web services shown when you click the Comments link, or if you don’t want to login, your may still leave your name and, if you wish, your e-mail address, which will not be published.

Please be polite and respectful in your comments.  We will have to edit or remove any that are offensive or otherwise unsuitable.

Subscribe to e-mails
On the right hand side there is a box to enter your e-mail address and a button to click, which will get all new content e-mailed to you.  This means you get the updates without having to remember to keep coming to this website.  And the Comment link will be right there in your e-mails!

Share with others
At the end of each article are buttons you can use to share the article on Facebook, Google+ or Twittter, or to send an excerpt of the article to someone by e-mail.

Facebook page
There  is also a Binley Woods Facebook Community Page.  There is a link to it on the right-hand side of the pages on this website, under “Visit us on Facebook”.  The Facebook Page gets automatically updated with new articles on this website, showing the first few lines and a link back to the article.  If you are on Facebook and Like the Binley Woods Community Page, then you will get the updates to this website shown on your own Facebook News Feed.

The Binley Woods Facebook Community Page is for anyone to post any items of interest to Binley Woods – not just the Parish Plan.

2 Comments to “Using this Website”

  1. Monday 2nd July sees the Olympic Torch coming through Binley Woods. It will be in a motorcade if you can get to the Rugby Road at about 7.45 am. It is being run from Coventry to Herald Way (Morrisons) so some of us are walking down to see it arrive. Those of us up to walking are creating a crocodile with Kath Salisbury leaving Craven Avenue about 7 am. She will come down onto the Rugby Road collecting others as we walk towards Morrisons. If you are going in the car that’s fine and we’ll meet up at Morrisons – perhaps you could offer a lift to neighbours? This really is a once in a lifetime experience and we should be able to see it without the problems of the mud at the Memorial Park this afternoon although we can’t promise that it will be dry. Hope to see some of you tomorrow morning. Anne

  2. The time is currently 22.45 and for the last four hours my floor has been vibrating due to the noise coming from the village hall. This is the second weekend we have had noise distrubance from the hall. This has been reported to the council but would love to hear from the village hall committee as to how this is going to be managed througout 2014.

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