Official List: Who to Contact

This is the list from the Parish Council of who to contact.

Please add a comment below if you want to ask for another contact to be added to the list.

Abandoned Vehicles Car Clear 0800 169 9900
Dog Fouling Rugby Borough Council 01788 533859
Emergency Police, Fire, Ambulance 999
Fireworks Rugby Borough Council 01788 533882
Fraud Action Fraud 0300 123 2040
Fly Tipping Rugby Borough Council 01788 533332
Graffiti Rugby Borough Council 01788 533324
Litter Rugby Borough Council 01788 533337
Mobile Library Warwickshire County Council 0300 555 8171
Noise Rugby Borough Council 01788 533857
Parking Rugby Borough Council 01788533729
Pavilion Parish Council 01788 521046
Pavements Warwickshire County Council 01926 412515
{lanning Rugby Borough Council 01788 533790
Police Police (non-emergency) 101
Pollution Rugby Borough Council 01788 533533
Potholes Warwickshire County Council 01926 412515
Road Signs Warwickshire County Council 01926 412515
Recreation Ground Parish Council 01788 521046
Refuse Collection Rugby Borough Council 01788 533332
Rogue Traders Trading Standards Help and Advice 08454 04 05 06
Streetlamps Parish Council 01788 521046
Village Green Parish Council 01788 521046
Village Hall Village Hall Booking Clerk 07462 323183


Rugby Borough Council

Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire Police

Warwickshire Car Clear

Trading Standards Institute

North Warwickshire Citizens’ Advice

18 Responses to “Official List: Who to Contact”

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if you can help me, I am looking to hire a football pitch for the coming season for a Adults Sunday league team? Whom do I need to speak to see if this is available?

    Many Thanks

  2. Hi, I would like to enquire about the club house on the recreation field please. Is there someone in particular I should contact regarding hiring it on a Tuesday evening.

  3. I am trying to establish if there is sufficient interest to form an acoustic guitar group in the village. Can you please let me know what I need to do/ who to contact to get this onto the website.

  4. We met some of the Friends of Brandon Wood today and they suggested we write to you about the proposal to relocate the Bees Stadium to land (we think) adjacent to Piles Coppice. We attach the article below for info.

    Kind regards Anne

  5. Good morning
    I was wondering, is it possible to post an advertisement in your village newsletter please?
    I am a qualified teacher, just moved into the area, and wanted to offer tuition for SATS and GCSE English to students and children in the village.
    If I could publish a small advertisement either online or in a printed newsletter that would be great.
    Please let me know if this is possible and how I would go about it.
    Thank you,

  6. Warning for drivers at the TGI junction. In the last three weeks, I have had 3 near misses whereby cars have sped across from the lights from Walsgrave direction at a speed of 40 – 50 mph completely ignoring the red stop light , my light on the A428 junction is green to go, but these cars fail to stop, and I feel the drivers are being misled by the green go light from the road crossing lights adjacent to Greens Antiques. This is a fatal accident waiting to happen! Who do I contact to report this to?

  7. Hi

    We use the fixed goalpost on the back field a lot. Someone’s recently vandalised it by bending the crossbar and now it’s almost useless. How could we get a new one installed as we use this a lot!



  8. The village hall security light in the car park has been in all night for several days now. It’s keeping us awake at night. Please turn it off.

  9. Hi, can you please advise how much it would cost me to hire your hall for two hours in September for my daughters 4th Birthday party

  10. Hi Vicky, I forwarded your request to the Village Hall booking clerk (and copied you) so hopefully you will get a reply, and you don’t need to take any further action. For anyone who wants to ask about hiring the Village Hall, you can phone the Village Hall Booking Clerk directly. She’s listed at the end of the list of “Who to Contact” at the top of this post.

  11. How do I enquire about the availability of an allotment plot. The listed contact number for Emma Bayliss is no longer live.

  12. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much it costs to hire this hall

  13. The way to find out hall hire costs is to contact the Village Hall Booking Clerk. Phone number is in the list at the top of this page, or you can email

  14. Good afternoon, I am looking for a venue to hire for weekly karate lessons for the local community. We are a large club, with 20+ classes running across Coventry and Warwickshire. Ideally I’m looking for any availability for week day evenings or weekend mornings/afternoons. Do you have any availability for this kind of booking?

  15. Just who do you have to contact to get the pavements on Craven Avenue ( from the park end to the junction with Woodlands Road) replaced? It seems every pathway in the village has been replaced whereas the busiest footfall pavement has not been done in years……..apart from a thin layer of tarmac and grit thrown over and that must be some 5 – 6 years ago. l see now that Court Leet road is being totally resurfaced REALLY……come on whoever you are, get these pavements replaced, when it rains they are like a swimming pool, then when its winter they turn into ice rinks. The residents of Craven Avenue deserve better. And yes, this has been reported to the relevant council but to no avail.

  16. Hello

    understand this falls within your remit and was just wondering if it was possible to get the half fallen down tree and lavender bushes removed from the recreation ground? The tree (top end near Craven Avenue fence) has been there fir months now. I note maintenance people are there Wednesday mornings but they skirt round the fallen tree when the cut the grass. Thank you

  17. Good Morning

    Our regular Mobile Library vehicle will be coming back on the road for customers to visit from the end of June.

    We just wondered if there was any way you could promote our service on your Website/Facebook/Newsletter page as we are keen to increase numbers of customers at your stop.

    Kind regards



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