Guidelines for Authors

Categories and Tags Making your contribution / post / article easy to find

On the right hand side of the page when you are writing your post / article, you are able to allocate categories and tags to the post.  We’ve set it up so that categories identify the purpose of the post, and the tags identify the topic.

For the category, choose one of the checkboxes. For the tag, click the link to choose from the most used tags, and then click the tag for your topic.If your article is genuinely for a new topic, then you can add it yourself.

Therefore, if your post is announcing a meeting about the Parish Plan, then you should set the category to be event and the tag to be Parish Plan.

This makes it easy for readers to find.  If they want to see the latest posts on the Parish Plan, they can click on the Parish Plan topic on the right of the website.  If they want to see information on events, they can click on the Events tab across the top of the website.  And of course the most recent posts are always included in date order on the Home page – newest first, below the Welcome post.

Uploading documents, images, etc

All “media” (as it is called) is stored in a “heap” – no folders to organise it!  Therefore you need to give files a name that helps them to be found.

Therefore, can we try to stick to these names and see how we go.  These names include a backwards date such as 2011-09-27. This means that the lists sort correctly, with the earliest first!  So please try to get your head round this – it will be really helpful in the long run.

Supposing you have a file which was distributed on 14th December 2012.  First decide what type of document or image it is, and then name it as follows.  Notice that the only difference is that there is a description and reverse date added to the front of the normal name.

  • Notices:
    notice 2012-12-14 December leaflet.doc
  • Meeting minutes:
    minutes 2012-12-14 Steering Group Meeting minutes.pdf
  • Formal document:
    doc 2011-09-29 Parish Plan Launch Meeting Handout.pdf
  • Image:
    image 2011-10-27 Steering Committee photo.jpg

By the way, if you can create PDFs then this is a good format to use because everyone can read it, even if they don’t have Microsoft Office.  If a document will be re-used, then upload it in its original format, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Choose from the most used tags


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