It looks as though there are rogue traders in the area again. I have recently received this email from a resident and we have agreed that everyone should be made aware.

” About 10 days ago a man with a Northern accent and wearing a green t-shirt approached me at my grandad’s house on the Rugby Road to ask about cutting down a tree. I asked him if he was a qualified tree surgeon as my gramps had been ripped off before. He assured me he was. We discussed it with my grandad and I suggested we take his card and think it over. However the man made me feel pressured offering discounts for cash and if we had it done sooner rather than later. We shook hands on a price and agreed work on 23rd Oct. As soon as he went I had a bad feeling. I arrived at my gramps today with the agreed amount of money to find more work had been done, which my grandad had agreed to. I was then presented with a further extortionate bill. I felt very stressed and wondering how on earth to pay the bill, which my grandad didn’t have. He wanted cash in exchange for no VAT, but I could not do that. Then he talked about a transfer and gave me his bank details. I told him I wanted a proper invoice before I would pay, he said we would be posted one later on. He then gave me a card and got me to write down the costings. These have since gone missing and I suspect he may have taken these as I got him to sign them. I felt stressed and although my instincts told me this was a ridiculous amount of money he drove me to my bank in town at his suggestion where I gave him half in cash and half transferred. The money was transferred to a Daisy Molloy.”

The police were advised but they stated that this was a matter for Trading Standards and could not take any action.

In addition, I have also been informed of an incident that took place in Coombe Drive with regard to a couple of males asking to check the boiler and hot water system for free. This is obviously highly suspicious and the police have advised people not to open the door to people selling products or services and also if we could look out for more vulnerable members of the community and make them aware.

Finally, with Halloween rapidly approaching, the police have a supply of posters that we can have that deters callers at the door. If you want one, please email me and I will arrange.


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