Over recent weeks there has been an increase in burglaries and car crime in the area and also reports of suspicious behaviour and roaming vans. Whilst all of the burglaries have been reported to the police, the suspicious behaviour has not always been reported. In instances where it has, the police have taken action and just recently two vans on the lookout for scrap have beeen stopped, as a result of which they were found to have had no tax, insurance or MOT and the vehicles were  seized and the drivers reported . This is really just a reminder that any suspicious activity should be reported to the police via 101 (asking for Warwickshire police), but obviously if a crime is being committed it should be 999. The police have warned the Parish Council that the practice of leaving scrap domestic appliances etc on the verge or your own property should be discouraged since it does attract unauthorised scrap dealers who may also be attracted to other items on the property been most helpful to the police and has been instrumental in achieving successful convictions. Should any of you wish to receive these community alerts (police reports, trading standards, scams, Parish Council notices) please email stever2000@sky.com.


In summary, the police have advised all residents to be extra vigilant and to be aware of people in the area who have recently been seen going around trying car and house doors. Make sure you lock your cars and don’t leave valuables on display.


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