In recent weeks there have been incidents of young people calling at houses in Binley Woods and Wolston wearing a “Back2Work” badge and trying to sell cheap merchandise at high prices. They all say that they are trying to get their lives together after finishing a prison sentence. 

The badges presented are a laminated printed notice with no identification, no organisation or address, but nice logo. 

This sounds very similar to the Nottinghamshire Knockers, who some months ago were operating within the area. They were groups of people who were driven down from Nottingham and forced to give their proceeds (or a percentage of) to a gang leader. 

The police have asked all residents to be wary and if approached by such people make note of as much detail as possible, including the license number of any vehicle that  they may be travelling in.

Also, I have just been advised by a resident that there is another scam going round at the moment that purports to be from iTunes, advising that Netflix has been been bought for £39.99 for one month….click on the link to cancel.

Don’t, just delete it.


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