Following a number of successful “Property Marking” events in the village conducted by the police, Binley Woods are now to become part of WCC’s Supported Village Scheme, the first village to do so in the Rugby area.

 As part of this scheme we have now installed three “Thieves Beware” notices, one at each end of the village on the Binley Woods signs and one by the shops in Woodlands Rd. Whilst we accept that any such initiative will not eradicate theft and burglary, we hope that these signs will act as a deterrent.

 To continue with the property marking initiative, the scheme has donated to the parish council a property marking kit and supporting literature. In future, the Parish Council will offer a property marking service for households and initially we will be providing this service at the village hall for 30 minutes each month from 19:00hrs, prior to the Parish Council meetings (next meeting 7th September).

 Most household items can be marked, including bikes and gardening equipment, tools and computers, phones and tablets etc. Just bring them along. 

For those that are less able, contact one of your parish councillors and we will arrange a house visit.

 For businesses and tradespeople who may have a large inventory of goods that may require marking, again contact one of your parish councillors and we will make arrangements for you.



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