Last night, 21st June, Rugby Borough Council Local Plan Team met with Councillors from Binley Woods Parish Council. The discussions were directly involving the Local Plan, and the proposed 100 houses in or around the envelope of Binley Woods. Having identified four potential sites, Rugby Borough Council tabled their preferred option, Sherwood Farm on Rugby Road, which was the only site which met all their criteria regarding size, position, access, landscaping, services and many other considerations.

The Parish Council felt that this proposal was the option that was least emotive of the four sites, and have agreed to arrange a further meeting with the development company to talk about the type and spread of development, and all considerations around it, prior to the site being designed.

At present the draft design is for 62 dwellings, open space and a planted area, as per the plan below. This document is the starting point for discussions between the Developers, Rugby Borough Council and the Parish Council.

We will be giving further information out as we receive it, but we wanted to get this statement out as soon as possible in order to keep residents fully informed.

Paul Salisbury

Chair – Binley Woods Parish Council.

New Houses



  1. Was there any consultation or communication with BW residents over the 4 sites? Were they notified regarding the 4 sites before this decision was taken?

  2. RBC will publish an updated Local Plan and consult residents on that plan in the autumn.

  3. Outrage, bushes on Monks Road in binley woods were cut down today with out comsulting local resedents. This is discusting and consatues vandelisum. You not represent the people and they have been there for 40 years. You are not fit for perpose.

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