Update on the RBC Local Plan

Message from the Parish Council:

‘The Parish Council have been waiting for RBC to roll out the Local Plan so we can find out what their proposals are, and where they have identified as potential sites for the 100 houses in and around Binley Woods. The roll out was due 10th May 2016.

We have just received a call from RBC to say that because they have not received the landscaping and access documentation from their suppliers, the roll out will now be delayed a month. This will now be available in the week commencing 8th June 2016. No further information is available at present.

‘This is very disappointing prior to the Annual Assembly, where we hoped to provide some information to residents.’


One Comment to “Update on the RBC Local Plan”

  1. Over the past month or so we have observed a number of people included architects and planners in the field at the end of Birchwood rd and after asking the question “are houses going to built on this field ” a reply “can’t comment ” and “if they are it won’t be for a few years!” I think we can safely say we know where the houses are going to go, so instead of extending Binleywoods on the opposite site of the main road Birchwood rd is going to become a very busy rd!

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