Inc 326-22/04/16 – Sus Circs – Report that on Sunday 17th April at approx 15:30hrs a female in a orange/red car was taking photos of cars parked on driveways.

Inc 460-22/04/16 – Burglary – Monks Road – Ip has returned home to find he has been burgled between 18:30-21:15hrs, no damage has been done to the property.

Inc 122-24/04/16 – Road Inc – Parking issues in Craven Ave on weekends when there is a football match.

Inc 212-24/04/16 – Road Inc – Oakdale Road – Report of parking issues due to event at Rugby Club.


2 Comments to “POLICE INCIDENTS 17th-24th APRIL”

  1. Under new Anti-social behaviour legislation the owners of the old garden centre have a responsibility to prevent asb from occurring and can be served a notice if they do not, the level of vandalism is escalating and that is a magnet for more crime and could include arson. It is in a very bad state and damages the reputation and ambience of the village. The police should initiate contact with the owners who should board it up, clear up the debris and secure the site to prevent further incidents of crime.

  2. Warwickshire Police have had no recent reports of Anti-Social behaviour at the old garden centre site. The site has been vacant for a long time and it would be impossible for us to tell what is old and what is new damage. I will contact the fire brigade to see if they could do a site visit with regards to fire risks. If you wish to discuss any further, please email Charlene.cawte@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk or phone 01788853851

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