The incidents that have happened over the weekend in Binley Woods:

Inc 290-15/04/16 – Sir Winston Churchill Place – Burglary Dwelling – Report of a bike stolen on the 12/03/16 from the hallway of a property, through an unlocked door.

Inc 10-17/04/16 – After an activation on the ANPR camera, officers have located a stolen vehicle and after a short foot chase 2 persons have been detained in the area of Monks Road.

Inc 119-17/04/16 – Pinewood Drive – Vehicle Crime – Between 22:15 (16/04/16) and 10:15 (17/04/16)During the night of 16 into 17 April, offenders broke into a vehicle parked on the driveway of a home in Pinewood Drive, Binley Woods. The offenders carried out an untidy search of the car before making off empty handed.

If anyone has any information they can email me on


2 Comments to “INCIDENTS 15-17th APRIL”

  1. Hi,

    I’m not sure if anyone else is aware (I’m sure the parish council are) but there seems to be a lot of activity in the farmers field at the end of Birchwood rd, to date planners surveyors etc have been seen in the field looking at plans etc… This to me indicates that the proposed homes to be built around the village has already been decided without any further consultation with any of the residents! Can the parish council shed any light on the situation or will we be made aware when the bulldozers move in?


    Concerned Binleywoods resident.

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  2. Hello Concerned Binley Woods Resident.

    I would like you to know there are ten other concerned residents on the Parish Council that are in the same boat as you. We don’t know what is going on and have no more information than anybody else has. We do know that RBC will be issuing their proposals around 9th/10th May and until then, we are just as in the dark as everybody else. That was what was stated at their public meeting some months ago, and they are sticking to it. We have however, already arranged a meeting with RBC on 24th May to discuss whatever they come forward with. We wanted to get in early as all villages are also requesting to meet with them. Once we know, you will know. Paul

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