RBC Local Plan Consultation – how to comment – deadline Friday 19th Feb!

In case you didn’t get a leaflet at Friday’s meeting, or if you weren’t able to attend, here is information on how to comment:

What you can do

Any member of the public can comment on an emerging plan, as long as it is
received within the identified consultation period. This can be done:

  • Via the online form linked to on this page (the Web Consultation Response Form).  You have to register first if you are not already registered, before you can complete the online form, and the registration link in also on the same page.
  • By letter addressed to Development Strategy, Town Hall, Rugby, CV21 2RR.
  • By email to localplan@rugby.gov.uk
  • On one of the comprehensive Microsoft Word or PDF Response Forms, which you can download from RBC or complete online.  The link to the online form is on the same page.

Guidance on making formal comments/representations can be seen in this leaflet (PDF, click)

Following a consultation RBC give full consideration to all representations made and make all responses received publicly available via the Consultation Portal and/or web site, which is here.

A helpful tip for making good comments was given at Friday’s meeting, and is given in more detail in the leaflet linked above.  For your convenience, I’ve also copied it for you here …

Making formal written comments or representations

Members of the public should get involved at the earliest stage possible, particularly if comments relate to specific policies or proposals.

  • Clearly identify the policy/proposal you are objecting to or supporting, using the reference number given in the plan.
  • Say why you are objecting/supporting and, if you want to see a policy or proposal changed, say how and put forward your own alternative and the reasons for it.
  • Keep your comments as simple as possible and organise them in a logical order.
  • Concentrate on the planning issues involved.
  • If objecting to certain aspects of a proposal it is important to stress where you agree with the local planning authority so attention can be focused on issues of conflict.
  • Identify statements, policies and proposals from other planning documents, the plan you are commenting on and the sustainability appraisal, which support your comments. These other documents could be national policy, or other local planning policies, the sustainability appraisal, or relevant technical reports and
  • Refer to local issues and concerns, but try to relate them to the main planning issues.



One Comment to “RBC Local Plan Consultation – how to comment – deadline Friday 19th Feb!”

  1. Re: RBC Local Plan Consultation – Binley Woods. At the Meeting Fri 12th Feb. 2016 a slide diagram highlighting green belt area in BW as suitable for 100 houses – (1) land behind Rugby Road – Coombe side; (2) land adjacent to BW playing fields and (3) land identified as the ‘chicken farm’ on the A428. In the RBC document published in December 2015, only the ‘chicken farm’ was listed as “Deliverable” in the next 1 – 5 years. A question from the floor asked which land was currently “deliverable” [or likely to be used for housing through owner/council EXISTING agreements to sell]. The lady identified ALL the land [as listed above] highlighted on screen as likely to be currently involved in development but did not differentiate between Deliverable or otherwise?!. Does this mean that ALL landowners have already agreed to sell, or just the “chicken farm” owner – as reported in the December document. If only the “farm” land is currently deliverable – that is what the meeting should have clearly been advised of; and that other land was NOT currently deliverable in the near future [i.e. 1 – 5 years]. What is the accurate situation please?

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