I class myself as quite savvy when it comes to bogus phone calls but yesterday I took a call that was completely believable.

It was regarding the fact that my laptop had been hacked and that my Microsoft Licence was now invalid and that they were from Microsoft and wanted to talk me through what to do next.

They told me of problems I had with my computer (which was accurate) gave me all my details of name, address, birth date and even the laptop licence number plus quite a few other things that were correct.

They went on to say that my laptop had been hacked and my licence was now invalid and had to be renewed, as I was now using an illegal system, and to do this I had to pay a small amount to get the licence updated. A lot more was said that I won’t go into but the upshot is that if you get this call put the phone down on them.

They will keep calling you back and if this continues call the Police on 101 on your land line and then put your mobile and land line to each other so they know you have called the police and I guarantee they will end the call and not call you back. I eventually did this and it worked for me.

Beware of what they say as they are very convincing. Probably the best thing to do if you get that call is to say that you are ringing up the Police to check out the validity of this call and that they should call you back in 15 minutes or so. I should have done this in hindsight but thankfully I began to realise something was wrong eventually and shut my computer down.

The Police advised me to report this to Action Fraud via either the internet or via a phone call. I elected to call them on 0300 123 2040 and after reporting it was told that in the last two days one person had £1800 taken out of his account and a lady had lost £6000 from her account so be very aware of this scam.

Please be vigilant and don’t get caught out.

Binley Woods Resident


One Comment to “COMPUTER SCAM”

  1. Yes, we should always be vigilant and always be on guard. Always read warnings, news, and people’s reports that almost everyday filed at sites like These computer scammers have been around for years, and it’s not hard to identify them. We just need to read a little bit about them.

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