NHW RU Incidents at homes in Friars Cl, Coombe Dr & Heather Rd, Binley Woods & John Simpson Cl & Bluemels Dr, Wolston

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at homes in your area over recent days:

Incident 39 of 2 July – At just after 4am on 2 July, offenders entered a home in Friars Close, Binley Woods through a window and carried out a search for car keys. The offenders located the keys to BMW and VW vehicles and used them to drive both vehicles away.

Incident 91 of 2 July – During the same night, offenders broke into a home in Coombe Drive, Binley Woods and stole several items.

Incident 85 of 3 July – At just before 8.30am on 3 July, offenders in a white Ford Transit van stole a pink childs bike from the front garden of a home in Heather Road, Binley Woods.

Incident 236 of 4 July – During the night of 2 into 3 July, offenders stole 10 battery powered solar lights from the front garden of a home in John Simpson Close, Wolston.

Incident 131 of 5 July – During the night of 4 into 5 July, offenders stole a male hybrid Subway Carrera bike, with crypto lock from the rear of a home in Blumels Drive, Wolston.

If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents, please contact Police on 101, quoting the incident number given.
Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicIous persons or activity around your area and please report anything of concern, to Police, on 101.
Thank you
Julie Dale
Warwickshire Police


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