NHW RU Beware of Bogus Callers operating at the homes of elderly people in the Rugby area.

Please be aware that bogus callers/ distraction burglars are currently targetting elderly residents in Rugby.

Yesterday, 15 January, there were two incidents in Rugby where males called at the homes of elderly residents, claiming to be from the ‘Water Board’. The males then asked the residents to turn of their stop cocks and, whilst the residents were distracted, they entered their homes and stole items.

Also yesterday, in Leamington, an elderly lady was conned out of a large sum of money on the pretense that her guttering needed cleaning out.

This type of rogue trader/ distraction burglary activity usually starts around springtime but it is believed that the unseasonably mild weather has brought the activity forward.

Please remember that you do not have to answer the door to anyone you do not know, or are not expecting. Staff from the water companies never refer to themselves as being from the Water Board and would never call at your door to ask you to turn off your water. If anyone calls at your home claiming to be from the Water or Gas or Electricity Boards, do not answer the door, engage in converstation with them or let them into your home. Please report their visit to Police, on 101, immediately.

Please can we ask you to pass on this message to neighbours, particularly elderly neighbours, to prevent there being any further victims in Rugby.


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