Brandon Stadium Development

Concerning Saturday’s exhibition at the Village Hall, the following statement was issued to Binley Woods Parish Councillors by the Chairman…

“The meeting yesterday was arranged by Framptons on behalf of ‘Investin Brandon Ltd’ to get a feel of what residents would like to see at the Stadium site. At present there have been no plans submitted to RBC Planning and no dialogue has taken place. From the information given out, it seems the company have not done their homework as there were flaws in their statements. It is not in Binley Woods, it is not endorsed by RBC (as suggested with the RBC Logo), and it is not a brown field site. Investin Brandon Ltd is not an old established development company according to the Companies House website. The date of Incorporation was 29/1/2014, and there have been no accounts filed as of todays date. After challenging one of the staff yesterday, she withdrew her statement and agreed with this.

“Binley Woods is a second tier sustainable settlement as described in the Core Strategy, but this development is in Brandon, which is not. What we are though, is direct neighbours of the site, and the proposed development goes against anything we have in our Parish Plan.

“All the above is fact as we know at present.

“These type of meetings are designed to find out what the residents concerns are so the development company can tailor their application around addressing these issues, when submitting their proposals. All the residents comments will have been noted.

“Discussion did not take place at the Parish Council Meeting on 15th October as we did not have any of this information before us. Our next meeting is on 12th November where we will discuss, in depth, the information we had presented to us yesterday.

“At this point in time, there is not a lot else to say. I hope it was all said by residents at the Village Hall yesterday.”


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