05/06/2014 SCAM Alert: Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker
The National Crime Agency (NCA) and Get Safe Online are urging the public and small businesses to protect themselves against a powerful type of malicious software (malware) that has hit the UK and could cost computer users millions of pounds. To combat the threat, action taken by the NCA against the cyber criminals has created a brief window of opportunity to get you to protect your money and information. For comprehensive information and advice on protecting yourself, including downloading scanning and removal tools, visit Get Safe Online

05/06/2014 SCAM Account Hacked Phishing Email
One of the easiest ways to trick someone in to following a dangerous link in an email is to make it appear that the email has been sent by a friend, relative or work colleague. If someone you know has his or her email account hacked, the fraudsters can send out bogus emails to everyone in that person’s address book. These bogus emails can contain links to webpages containing viruses. Treat emails from people you know in the same way as you treat SPAM email. Be wary of following any links unless you know the destination web page is safe. If your account has been hacked, follow this advice from Get Safe Online

05/06/2014 ADVICE Alert: Stop Loan Sharks Challenge
Take a 10 minute online challenge and win £100 of shopping vouchers!
Loan sharks are people who lend money without the necessary permissions. This is a criminal offence. They frequently charge high rates of interest and can harass, intimidate and beat up their victims to ensure re-payments. The Stop Loan Sharks project is run by Trading Standards and has been working across England for a number of years, raising awareness of the perils of using loan sharks, prosecuting them and supporting their victims.
The Stop Loan Sharks project has launched an online quiz, to give one lucky person the chance to win £100 of shopping vouchers. Two runners up will each receive a goody bag. It will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. To have a chance of winning the prize, please go to Stop Loan Sharks Challenge

05/06/2014 SCAM Alert: Bogus ‘Post Office’ Caller
Residents are warned to beware of unexpected calls from people claiming to be from the ‘Post Office’. One Warwick resident received a call from someone claiming that there had been a lot of hoax calls in the area recently and offered to install a hoax call blocker on the resident’s phone line for £190. The caller then asked for credit/debit card details. Never provide your credit or debit card details to unexpected callers.
Spotted a scam? Let us know. Email:

05/06/2014 SCAM Alert: Copycat website
Whilst efforts have been made to prevent copycat websites (websites that offer ‘checking’ services and are often mistaken by consumers for official websites), from appearing high up on Google searches, some consumers are still falling victim. One Rugby consumer believed he was buying a fishing rod licence from the genuine government website: ( but instead visited a copycat website and ended up paying £47 for his licence instead of the normal £27 fee.
In a similar case, a Kenilworth resident visited a copycat website whilst trying to renew her car tax disc and ended up paying an extra £40, on top the normal cost.
Avoid copycat websites by searching for the document you need on the official website.
Spotted a scam? Let us know. Email:

05/06/2014 ADVICE Alert: Scams Business Guide
The Metropolitan Police has produced a new booklet entitled Little Book of Big Scams Business Edition and is a guide to assist businesses to identify and prevent fraud, including scams.
Spotted a scam? Let us know. Email:

05/06/2014 ADVICE Alert: PPI Claimback
Thinking of claiming for mis-sold payment protection insurance (or PPI)? Claims management companies often take up to 30% of any money you might be owed in fees. However, you can claim yourself, for free and keep all the compensation owed to you. For more information, visit the Financial Ombudsman website
Spotted a scam? Let us know. Email:

04/06/2014 SAFETY Alert: Trading Standards issue summer BBQ carbon monoxide warning
Summer has arrived in Warwickshire and for many this means dusting off the camping gear and planning to enjoy a break under canvas in the great outdoors.
With outdoor living and barbequed food on the menu, some may be tempted to bring the barbeque into their tents for a bit of extra warmth on a chilly night but Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service are warning campers never to do this and the consequences could be fatal.
Disposable barbecues pose serious dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning even if it appears that they have been correctly extinguished.
Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas which is produced when fossil fuels or wood burn without enough oxygen. The gas can’t be tasted, smelt or seen and can build up quickly and to potentially fatal levels in enclosed spaces such as tents or caravans. Campers are reminded never to light, use or leave smouldering barbeques inside tents, awnings or other enclosed spaces because of these risks.
More information

02/06/2014 ROGUE TRADER Alert: Wellesbourne Pressure Washer Warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning residents to beware of approaches by ‘traders’ operating door to door offering gardening and driveway pressure washing in Wellesbourne and South Warwickshire. An elderly Wellesbourne resident paid almost £300 to have her driveway pressured washed and ‘sealed’ (there was no evidence of the latter) after an approach from a rogue trader. The resident agreed a price with the first caller to her door, but when two different people later turned up to do the work, they demanded a much higher price for not much more work. The first caller then denied they were associated with him in a later phone call. No paperwork, including cancellation rights, was provided. More information on rogue gardeners visit our scams page


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