31/03/2014 First Microsoft Computer Scam Prosecution Success
A national e-crime team, based in Yorkshire, has brought what is believed to be the first ever successful prosecution in the UK of a defendant involved in the Microsoft computer scam. On Friday 28 March, the defendant, Mr Mohammed Khalid Jamil, was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and fined £5000. Jamil was also ordered to pay £5665 in compensation to his victims and £13929 in prosecution costs.
For more information visit:
31/03/2014 Not ‘NICE’ Phishing Scam
A Wellesbourne resident reported receiving an unexpected email claiming to be from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). The email said that following a recent blood test his blood count was low which could be an indication that he was suffering with cancer and that he should therefore contact his doctor! The emails recipient had not had a recent blood test and contacted NICE who confirmed the email had not been sent by them. The email also asked the recipient to download an attachment which was supposed to contain further information on his ‘test’ but would actually have contained a computer virus.
31/03/2014 Marketing Warning
Warwickshire businesses are warned to beware of offers from ‘marketing companies’ offering to sell them lists of consumer’s email addresses. One business paid almost £400 for this service, only to find that the emails he then sent bounced back and the company that sold the addresses had disappeared.
31/03/2014 Facebook Mens Health Scam
Warwickshire consumers are again warned to beware of businesses advertising free trial products via Facebook after one consumer was charged over £160 after providing his debit/credit card to pay for the ‘free’ trial postage and packing. Expensive subscription charges are often hidden in the small print of these so called ‘free’ trials.
31/03/2014 ‘Justice’ Parking Fines
A number of consumers contracted Warwickshire Trading Standards to report that they had receive unexpected emails from someone claiming they had parked on private land illegally and had to pay a fine.
It is highly unlikely that private parking firms would issue parking tickets in this way (they would normally contact you by post). More likely is that this is an attempted phishing scam. Consumers were directed to a website to pay by debit/credit card!
31/03/2014 0809 Area Code Phone Scam
Warwickshire Trading Standards has received a number of enquires relating to an email that is circulating, warning consumers not to phone an 0809 number which purportedly would connect the caller to the Dominican Republic and then charge up to £1500 per minute.
This warning email has been circulating for some time, but Trading Standards think it is probably an urban myth. There is some disagreement as to whether this scam could actually work in reality. However, consumers should ensure they know the cost of calls they make, before they make them.
31/03/2014 Scottish Court Summons
A Warwickshire consumer reported receiving an email from the ‘Scottish Court Service’ asking them to attend a court hearing. The email was not addressed to them by name and requested they download court papers.
This is a phishing scam. Never download attachments from unexpected emails as they may contain computer viruses. Preferably, delete the email without opening it.
A warning has been placed on the Scottish Court website:
31/03/2014 Fuel Voucher Scam
A Southam resident received an unexpected phone call from someone
offering to send them a charity magazine for the cost of £1 postage. In return, they were offered a £20 fuel voucher! The caller then went on to ask for their bank details. Never reveal your bank or credit/debit car details to unexpected callers.
31/03/2014 Accident Calls
Consumers are increasingly reporting unexpected phone calls from accident companies to ask them to make a claim for a motor vehicle accident, despite most recipients not having actually had an accident at all! These calls are being made to consumers at random in the hope of finding someone who may have actually had an accident and want to claim compensation. Such businesses often work on a ‘no win no’ fee basis and take a large cut of any compensation pay-out.
31/03/2014 Orange Scam
A Fillongley resident reported receiving an unexpected phone call from some who claimed to by calling from the mobile phone company Orange. It later became clear however that the caller was actually a third party selling services and products on the Orange network. Consumers need to ensure they know who they are transacting with before agreeing any contract.
31/03/2014 Bogus Warwickshire County Council Callers
From time to time consumers contact Warwickshire Trading Standards to report that they received an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to work for Warwickshire County Council. Consumers are advised not to provide any personal or financial information to cold callers. Further, any genuine callers should be happy for the recipient to phone them back on a publically listed telephone number to verify that they are genuine.
31/03/2014 ‘Mis-sold’ Solar Panels
A Stratford upon Avon consumer reported receiving an unexpected phone call from someone who told him that he had been miss-sold solar panels and requested the consumer complete a claim form, including his bank details. Never provide personal or financial information to unexpected callers.
31/03/2014 Heating Scam
A Kenilworth resident reported receiving an unexpected phone call from a ‘trader’ who claimed to be able to reduce his heating bills by 40%. The caller then asked for the consumer’s credit card details!


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