Incident 32 of 14 February – Binley Woods
At 5am on 14 February, the resident of a home in Friars Close, Binley Woods heard a noise. On investigation, the resident discovered that offenders had entered her home, through a rear patio door. They carried out a search of the ground floor of the house and stole a handbag and a kindle tablet from beside the bed.
Incident 49 of 14 February – Binley Woods
During the night of 13 into 14 February, offenders entered a home in Heather Road, Binley Woods, through a rear conservatory. The offenders then failed to get into the main part of the house and nothing was stolen.

Crime report – Binley Woods Jan & Feb 2014
The incidents detailed below are for public interest and for public consumption. Incidents of a domestic, violent or civil nature are not included.

Incident number 20140123-317 Burglary other: Roseycombe Public house; there as been an arrest from this incident this came about from ANPR camera on Rugby Road.

Incident Number 20140130-0309 Burglary Dwelling through insecure window.

Incident Number 20140131-0405 TFMV At Village Hall

Incident Number 20140201-183 Burglary Dwelling Woodlands Road possible tradesman was in the property purse stolen.
Incident number 20140205-0007 Burglary Dwelling Daneswood

Incident Number 20140206-0097 TFMV Saxon Close

Incident Number 20140209-0140 Burglary Dwelling Rugby Road

Incident Number 20140210-0034 Burglary Other Rugby Road

Incident Number 20140211- 0040 TFMV Coombe Drive Number Plates taken.

Incident Number 20140214-0027 suspicious circumstances Daneswood

Incident Number 20140214-0032 Burglary Dwelling Friars Close
Incident Number 20140214-0049 Burglary Dwelling Heather Road

No Rogue Traders Zone with Trading Standards as been given the go head this is due to start March 2014

My five top tips to help prevent burglary.

Ensure your windows and doors have locks and use them!

Do not leave car keys or ID documents ne Incident Number windows, doors or letterboxes.

Use a timer switch to turn lights on if it will be dark before you get home.

Don’t leave tools lying around in the garden, which could be used to break into your home.

When going away, ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home, maybe park their car on your driveway.

Any information on the above incidents please call 101 Ask for Warwickshire Police. Quote incident no

Key abbreviations:

TOMV: Theft of Motor Vehicle
TFMV: Theft from Motor Vehicle
FSMV: Found Stolen Motor Vehicle


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