12/12/2013 PPI Claim Back Scam
A Warwickshire consumer reported receiving an unexpected phone call asking if he had any outstanding PPI due. The caller then phone again stating that they had £5000 for him and would send a cheque if he first sent them £250 via a Ukash voucher. The consumer did not send any money.
This is a typical advanced fee fraud where the caller claims the consumer will have to pay some money up front in order to receive a higher amount in return. That money is never forthcoming. Ukash vouchers are often requested as they are almost untraceable.
For more information on scams visit:
12/12/2013 Driving Licence Application Warning
A consumer reported that they had requested a replacement driving licence which normally costs £20 but had been charged £85 after mistaking a ‘checking’ website for the genuine Government website. These ‘checking’ websites often appear above the official website on Google searches.
Whenever you are applying for, or renewing any form of official Government document, go to the official website first.
12/12/2013 Door to Door TV Warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards is warning residents to beware of door to door traders selling televisions across the County.
Trading Standards Officers have received complaints from worried consumers that the televisions might be stolen or unreliable.
Warwickshire Trading Standards advises consumers never to buy from unexpected doorstep callers, even if the product appears to be a bargain and to keep their doors firmly shut.
Unscrupulous door step sellers will use high pressure sales techniques to sell their products and are unlikely to provide the consumer with their real name or address, making it almost impossible for buyers to enforce their consumer rights if the product goes wrong and needs to be replaced or repaired.
Consumers are urged to only buy goods or services from businesses they know and trust
12/12/2013 Rogue Tarmac Gang
A Warwickshire resident contacted the service to complain about an approach by a tarmac gang. The approach was typical of how rogue traders operate.
The rogue trader first called and stated that he could re-tarmac the consumer’s driveway for £1250. The resident stated that they were not interested and the caller handed them a leaflet and went away. Later that day he returned, claiming he was a reputable company and offering a lower price. Again the resident turned that rogue trader away. He then returned again about 30 min later and asked if the consumer wanted to ‘see’ the product. To get rid of the trader the consumer agreed and the trader then dumped a large amount of tarmac on the resident’s driveway. The trader refused to remove the tarmac and got very aggressive when asked to do it. No money was paid.
Consumers are advised not to open the door to unexpected callers or buy from them. Do not engage rogue traders in conversation. Keep your door firmly shut.
Report rogue traders on 08454 040506
For more information on rogue traders visit:


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