NHW RU Incidents at homes in Earls Walk, Kareen Grove and Elm Close, Binley Woods
Please be aware of the following incidents which have occurred at homes in your area over recent days:
Incident 135 of 18 OctoberAt some point before 11.45am on 18 October offenders forced open the rear door of a home in Earls Walk, Binley Woods and entered the premises. Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search before making off with items of jewellery and a laptop computer.
Incident 165 of 19 OctoberDuring the night of 18 into 19 October offenders entered the garden of a home in Kareen Grove, Binley Woods and approached two sheds.
The padlock from one of he sheds was sawn off and a second padlock is completely missing. The offenders managed to get one shed door open but nothing was disturbed and nothing is believed to be missing.
Incident 131 of 24 October
At some point before 1pm on 24 October offenders broke into a home in Elm Close, Binley Woods by pulling a window off its hinges. Nothing is believed to have been stolen.
If you have information that you believe may be connected to any of these incidents please contact Police, on 101, quoting the incident number given.


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