24/10/2013 HMRC Tax Scam
A number of Warwickshire consumers have reported to the Trading Standards Service receiving scam emails, phone calls or letters, falsely claiming to be from HMRC. They are either claiming the consumer is owed a tax rebate and requesting personal or financial details, or saying that the consumer has a tax bill to pay and directing them to a bogus website.
24/10/2013 Phone Recycling Warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning consumers that they may not receive the price quoted by some mobile phone recyclers – and sometimes no money at all! One consumer reported being quoted £122 for his phone in advance but on sending the phone away was then only offered £45. He complained and the trader increased the offer to £85 only to receive nothing at all! The trader then stopped answering his calls and disappeared. Ensure you only use traders you know and trust.
24/10/2013 Scam ‘Timeshare’ Buyer
A consumer reported receiving an unexpected phone call from someone offering to buy his timeshare property. The consumer agreed a price but the caller then began to ask for large up-front payments of £800+. Consumers with timeshares are advised to be very wary of offers to purchase them.
24/10/2013 ‘Free’ Diet Pills Warning
A Warwickshire consumer contacted Trading Standards after paying for a ‘free’ trial of diet pills online. The consumer paid £4.95 +PP for two sets of bills. However, she was then billed £89 and then a further £95. She may have unwittingly signed up to a subscription with a US based company! In such cases, the consumer may be able to get their money back by asking their bank to reverse the payments. Consumers in this situation should contact the business quickly to complain and cancel the subscription. They should also cancel their bank card to prevent further payments being made.
24/10/2013 Pushy Door to Door Sales People Rugby
The Trading Standards Service has received reports of pushy door to door sales people selling aerial photos of people’s properties in the Rugby area. The callers were described as being pushy, ignoring residents ‘no cold caller’ signs.
24/10/2013 More Phishing Scams
A number of consumers have recently reported email phishing scams.
One targeted Barclays Bank customers and suggested their debit cards had been compromised. The phishing email, that is addressed to ‘Dear Valued Customer’ (the scammers rarely know your name) asked the recipient to login in to a bogus website. Those that do have their personal and financial information stolen! Similar phishing emails have appeared falsely claiming to be from BT and Yahoo. Never access a business website via a link in an email. Always type the businesses’ genuine web address in to your browser.


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