Recent scam reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards Service
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11/10/2013 ‘Ministry of Justice’ Scam
A consumer reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards receiving up to six aggressive phone calls from someone falsely claiming to be calling from the Ministry of Justice. The caller had told the consumer that they were due a £4500 Government payment but had to pay £199 in ‘solicitors fees’ first which he offered to come and collect from the consumers home! More on scams:
11/10/2013 Pension Transfer Warning!A consumer reported receiving a text message from a company that was offering to transfer his pension in order to put him at a ‘financial advantage’. Consumers are warned to beware of these offers. Many people have lost their pensions as a result of transferring them because they were then charged huge fees. Take independent financial advice before making any pension decision!
11/10/2013 Cold Callers
Several consumer have reported receiving unexpected phone calls from people claiming to be able to stop cold calls for a fee. One caller claimed the cost would be £1.90 and asked for the consumer’s bank details. Another said the payment would be a one off £79.99 charge that would block calls for ‘life’. Many of these callers simply take payment either for doing nothing or for registering the consumer with the Telephone Preference Service, something a consumer can do free of charge by visiting
11/10/2013 Personal Injury Scam
A Warwickshire resident reported receiving a phone call from someone offering to represent the consumer if she made a personal injury claim for a car accident she had had two years previously. The consumer made the caller aware that no one had been injured in the accident but the caller claimed this did not matter as long as she was willing to claim she had suffered back pain for at least six weeks.
11/10/2013 Loan ConA consumer reported receiving a phone call from someone who claimed the resident was owed a refund on a home improvement loan. The caller said he did not want any personal details but later asked for bank account information so the ‘refund’ could be sent. Never give out financial information to unexpected callers. They may try to access your account and steal your money!
11/10/2013 Home Improvement Con
A consumer had a call from a trader who claimed the Government were giving away £20,000 to each UK home to upgrade windows and boilers. The trader asked the consumer if he had money in the bank and then requested bank details and credit card numbers. He became aggressive when he was refused.
There are a number of genuine schemes that offer grants or loans to individuals (depending upon status) for environmental home improvements. Visit:


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