Announcing the Binley Woods Parish Plan

The Binley Woods Parish Plan has been published.

Over the next couple of weeks a copy of the Parish Plan, together with the Village Design Statement and our final Newsletter, will be delivered to every home in the village.

The Parish Plan sets out a series of actions, based upon residents’ input from surveys and open days, which will improve village life in Binley Woods. These actions will be taken forward by the Parish Council in conjunction with other bodies and with the involvement of Binley Woods residents. You will be kept informed of progress on our website and through Parish Council newsletters.

You can view the Parish Plan here…
Binley Woods Parish Plan v1.0

The Village Design Statement (VDS) contains policies and advice which should ensure future development in the village meets with the broad agreement of the community and helps preserve the character of Binley Woods. The VDS is designed to influence both future planning applications made by residents and planning decisions made by the Borough Council.

Here is the Village Design Statement…
Binley Woods Village Design Statement v1.0

And here is a copy of our Newsletter…
Parish Plan Newsletter 5

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the Parish Plan.


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