Nuisance Parking in Binley Woods

The Parish Plan identified that residents are concerned about nuisance parking in the village and includes the following action: “Ask the Police to conduct a series of regular parking patrols over a given period with the aim of ticketing vehicles causing an obstruction or parked dangerously, with particular emphasis on the identified parking hot-spots in the village and problems occurring during the ‘school run’.”

Over the next couple of months, the police will be carrying out a series of patrols targeting inconsiderate parking in Binley Woods. That is, where the vehicle obstructs the footpath, is parked too near a road junction or corner, or is parked opposite another vehicle making the highway too narrow for an emergency vehicle (eg a fire engine) to pass.

The police will concentrate upon the hot-spots that you identified in the Parish Plan survey – outside the One Stop and Post Office on Rugby Road, the corner of Ferndale Road and Craven Avenue, the corner of Monks Road and Oakdale Road, Woodlands Road and in the vicinity of the school. They will, however, check all roads in the village.

You have been warned!


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