By way of introduction, I am PSI Kev Knight of Rugby Police and I am part of a 3 man team that deals predominantly with vehicle crime. Most of you are probably aware of a recent increase in cases of thefts form motor vehicles over the past few weeks. What may surprise you is that many of the vehicles that have had property stolen from them have been left insecure, and with property on view inside the vehicles.
With the recent hot weather, more people are leaving car windows open. Opportunist thieves will target these vehicles.
We are tasking our resources to try to combat this issue…..but you can help.
Get used to a routine….before going to bed at night you usually turn lights/TV off etc…..why not check that your car is locked also?….and that nothing has been left on view.
Make things difficult for the thief, help us, and help yourself.
One last thing….if you see anything that you think is suspicious…..tell us. It may be nothing, but it may just be of interest to us……

Kev Knight
PSI 9282
Vehicle Crime Team


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