NHW RU Beware: Distraction Burglars are active in the Rugby area.
This message is sent on behalf of PCSO Matt Havelock:

Incident 211 of 27/06/2013 – Bridget St, Rugby
Report that on Thursday 27th June 2013 an unknown male knocked our informants door, they said that they were working on next doors chimney and that they noticed that their chimney needed looking at and asked to gain access into their loft space. He was described white male, 5’6″ tall, aged about 45 years old, stocky build which appeared like muscles, short dark hair which was flat on top. Spoke with a welsh accent and was clean shaven. He was wearing a blue V necked T-shirt. Once the Male gained entry he then called a friend who joined him. This male was described as a white male, 6’0″ tall, aged about 30 years old, slim build, short thinning blonde hair, clean shaven, wearing a white T-shirt. The males were very persistent to gain entry into the property and at one point followed the informant in to the property. Nothing was taken during the entry but has shaken the informant up.

Incident 235 of 27/06/20113 – Rugby Road, Binley Woods
Also reported on Thursday 27th June a Male knocked a door to a resident of Rugby Road, Binley Woods. He said that he previously cut the trees at the informants property a few years ago and that he owed him some money back. The Male wanted to see the trees and gained entry into the property the male went into the informants bedroom and tried to look in the informants wardrobe for money. He the confused the male by wanting to change a £20 pound note. The informant is £10 short and feels that the male tricked him out of money. The male was decided as a 5’5 white male with spiky hair and wearing a navy blue airtec shirt.
We are asking for any information that may support us with enquiry’s relating to these incidents. Can we please remind residents that not to invite unknown persons into their property.


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