29/05/2013 Utility Doorstep ‘Brokers’
Warwickshire Trading Standards Service is warning residents to beware of doorstep approaches from unscrupulous utility ‘brokers’. There has been a significant decrease in the number of utility companies selling door to door, but consumers should beware of dodgy ‘utility’ brokers who go door to door claiming that they can get the best deals for residents.
One Warwickshire resident was approached on the doorstep and was told that he could benefit from the best energy rates if he made a payment of £325 up front. The resident paid with a debit card but has heard nothing from the caller since!
For impartial advice visit and use Internet comparison websites to get the best deals.
29/05/2013 ‘Electricity Board’ Scam
An elderly Warwickshire resident reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards receiving an unexpected phone call from someone who claimed to be calling from the ‘electricity board’. She was told that as an older person she was eligible for a 40% reduction on her electricity bill and would be sent a ‘power saving’ device that she could plug in!
The caller then asked for a credit card number, which the resident did not provide.
This is a scam where by unscrupulous traders are cold calling consumers and offering to sell them worthless and potentially dangerous plug in devices. These devices do nothing and certainly would not save you 40% on your electricity bill! Further, some are retailed at close to £100 each!
Never provide your credit or debit card details over the phone to unexpected callers and remember, like the ‘water board’, the ‘electricity board’ does not exist!
See a picture of the device here:
29/05/3013 Accident Cold Callers
A Warwickshire resident contacted Trading Standards after receiving an unexpected phone call relating to a car accident that they had had some time ago and which had now been dealt with. The caller attempted to try and get the resident to falsely claim that they had further injuries so that the case could be ‘resurrected’ for further compensation claims and profit for the unscrupulous claims management business. The resident refused and put the phone down.
To report a Claims Management Company:
To complain about the misuse of personal information:
29/05/2013 Be Careful Who You Give Your Credit Card Number Too!
A Warwickshire consumer reported to Trading Standards having payments taken from his account by an American ‘teeth whitening’ business ranging from £6 to £60 after he visited their website. Another paid a different website £4.99 with her card to receive a ‘free’ beauty product and was then charged £97.00!
Trading Standards advise consumers to be extremely careful before divulging their card details. Check the company behind the website and read the small print. Be particularly careful if you are signing up for ‘free’ offers, you may inadvertently have agreed to pay a hefty subscription for goods or services you did not want!


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