NHW RU Incidents and suspicious vehicles at homes in Pailton, Ryton, Brinklow, Wolvey & Wolston
Observations Please for Audi Q7 vehicle
On 20 May 2013 two homes in Pailton were burgled and police believed that the offenders were using a white 62 plate Audi Q7 smart looking 4×4 or a similar vehicle. A vehicle of this description was seen acting suspiciously in the area just prior to the burglaries and is also linked to other rural burglaries
One witness noticed it in the Lutterworth Road area at 5.30pm on 20 May and saw males looking in neighbouring gardens. The witness stopped the male in the 4×4, asked what they were doing and was told that they were looking for a Lurcher dog.
Another witness saw males acting suspiciously around a vehicle of the same description very close to one of the burglaries when males jumped into the vehicle and it sped off in the direction of Monks Kirby.
If you spot a vehicle of this description please contact Police on 101 to report its whereabouts. If you believe a crime is in progress please dial 999.
Incident 82 of 26 May – Ryton During the night of 25 into 26 May offenders forced open the rear door of a home in Church Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, entered the premises and stole a laptop computer, a wallet and some loose change.
Incident 87 of 26 May – Ryton During the same night offenders climbed through a conservatory window at another home in Church Road, Ryton and then unlocked the rear patio doors.
Once inside the premises the offenders stole a black pedal cycle and a laptop computer.
Incident 30 of 29 May – Brinklow
During last night, 28 into 29 May offenders entered a home in George Birch Close, Brinklow through a rear door and rifled through two handbags which were left on the kitchen table. The offender stole several electrical items and the keys to a vehicle which was left on the driveway.
Incident 44 of 29 May – Brinklow Also during last night, offenders entered a home in Skipworth Close, Brinklow through a conservatory window. The window was damaged but nothing is believed to have been stolen.
Incident 24 of 29 May – Wolvey At just after 4am this morning offenders forced open the patio door of a home in Bracken Drive, Wolvey and entered the house. This activated the intruder alarm and the offenders quickly made off.
Incident 27 of 29 May – Wolvey
At around the same time, offenders forced open the rear conservatory door of another home in Bracken Drive. However, the offenders did not enter the property and nothing appears to have been stolen.
Incident 13 of 29 May – Wolston
At 2am this morning, 29 May, the resident of a home in Meadow Road, Wolston disturbed three males who were trying to get into her house by pulling open the kitchen window.
Once they noticed that they had been spotted, the offenders got into a large silver/ grey coloured vehicle with the partial registration of BYB and quickly made off.
This vehicle may possibly have the registration of YC07 BYB which belongs to a grey VW Golf GTI which was stolen from a neighbouring county last year.
If you see a grey/ silver vehicle with this registration or a similar one near to your own or neighbouring homes please contact Police on 101 and report its whereabouts.
PCSO 6225 Matthew HAVELOCK
Rugby Rural North Safer Neighbourhood Team
01788 853851


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