07/05/2013 Bag Scam
Residents are advised to check carefully before they employ traders to remove rubbish from their property. This warning comes after a Coventry resident hired a two ton bag to clear some rubbish from his home. The consumer had seen an advertisement on a small adds website which only carried a telephone number and no address. The trader dropped the bag off at the resident’s property and the resident paid the trader in full for the bag and for its removal and disposal, after it had been filled. The resident filled the bag but the trader refused to return to collect the rubbish, becoming quite aggressive on the phone and has since disappeared! For more information visit:
07/05/2013 Telephone Preference Service Scam
A consumer contacted Warwickshire Trading Standards after receiving an unexpected phone call from someone who claimed they could get unexpected phone calls stopped for £1.80! The consumer gave the caller his card details and the caller took almost £70 from his account. The consumer does not know the name of the caller. Trading Standards advise consumers not to provide their card details to anyone who calls them. It is free to join the Telephone Preference Service ().
07/05/2013 Computer Virus Scam
A consumer reported to Warwickshire Trading Standards that he was using his computer when there was a ‘big flash’ and a notice appeared warning him that he had accessed illegal websites, his computer was now ‘locked’ and he must pay a fine of £100 in Ukash vouchers. The message included a photo of a policeman and reference to Cheshire Police. This is a well-known computer virus called ransomware. Computer users must not send any money and seek professional advice to remove the virus. For more information visit:
<07/05/2013 ‘E-Book’ High Pressure Selling
Businesses in Warwickshire are warned to beware of high pressure selling phone calls from publishers offering advertising space in ‘e-books’, or electronic books. One Warwickshire trader reported spending 30min on the phone after an unexpected call who wanted them to part with £8000! Warwickshire Trading Standards advise Warwickshire traders not to agree to buying goods and services from unexpected phone callers. For more information visit:
07/05/2013 Scams Awareness Month:
Rugby residents get the scams message Free information and advice on scams and frauds will be available for Rugby residents at the Clock Towers Shopping Centre on Thursday 9 May (9am to mid-afternoon). For more information visit:
07/05/2013 Alarm Sale Warning
Kineton Consumers in the Kineton area reported receiving unexpected phone calls from an alarm sales company that claimed to be ‘working in the local area’. Warwickshire Trading Standards advise residents not to buy alarms from any unexpected doorstep callers or to accept a ‘free’ alarm in return for signing an agreement for a monitored alarm. Beware of businesses that use high pressure selling to sell overpriced and unnecessary alarms and ‘monitoring’ agreements. Some are known to have set up and gone out of business within a few years, leaving consumers with worthless contracts. Get security advice from your local Police Crime Prevention Officer. For more information visit:


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