NHW RU Incidents in Elm Close, Ferndale Road, Birchwood Road and Abbotts Walk, Binley Woods

Incident 233 of 6 April
Between 3 and 6 April offenders forced open a bedroom window at a home in Elm Close, Binley Woods and entered the house. Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search before making off with s Samsung television.

Incident 341 of 16 April
Between 12 and 16 April offenders stole both numberplates fron a Ford Focus vehicle parked outside a home in Ferndale Road, Binley Woods.

Incident 6 of 17 April
During the evening of 17 April, offenders entered a van parked outside a home in Birchwood Raod, Binley Woods, via a sidedoor. Nothing was stolen.

**It is worth noting that there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of thefts from vans, all across the county over recent days. It is believed that the offenders are targetting tools left inside the vehicles. If you own a van, please could be advise you to remove any tools or equipment of value, overnight or when leaving the vehicle unattended whenever possible.

Incident 292 of 17 April
At some point before 6.45pm yesterday, 17 April, offenders broke into a Citroen vehicle parked outside a home in Abbotts Walk, Binley Woods. It is not yest clear exactly what was stolen.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything unusual, or of concern, to Police on 101. Thankyou


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