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02/04/2013 Coin Sellers
Warwickshire Trading Standards is reminding consumers to check thoroughly the small print of advertisements after one Warwickshire resident ordered a royal coin only to find that she was then tied in to receiving more.
02/04/2013 Hong Kong Bank Offer
An elderly Warwickshire resident was puzzled enough about a letter he received from the Dah Sing Bank of Hong Kong to contact Warwickshire Trading Standards. The letter claimed that a routine audit had discovered a dormant bank account belonging to someone with the same surname as the consumer. The recipient was offered 30% of the total funds to help the auditor, a Mr Wong, to withdraw the money.
This is an advance fee fraud. Fraudsters use the names of real banks and their employees to make people believe there really is a dormant bank account. Victims are immediately asked for money to help the transfer of the non-existent funds!
02/04/2013 Email Hijack
A Warwickshire consumer contacted Trading Standards after receiving an unusual email from a friend. The email stated that the sender had been mugged on holiday, had had all his cash stolen and appealed to the recipient to send him some. Never send money in these circumstances. The email account of the friend will have been hacked or hijacked and the bogus message sent out to everyone on his contacts list.
Email accounts are often hijacked after the genuine account owner falls for a phishing scam and reveals his password.
If your account is hijacked, follow this advice:
02/04/2013 Outstanding Debt Warning
Warwickshire Trading Standards received a complaint from a consumer who reported that he had had a text message from someone claiming that his credit record showed outstanding debts, even though the consumer had no debts at all. He later received another text to say that he could get 70% of his non-existent debt written off!
These spam texts are sent out randomly by unscrupulous debt management companies in the hope of reaching people with debt problems. You can report spam text to the ICO:
The email alert system is a quick, simple and cost effective means by which Warwickshire Trading Standards can alert interested individuals, community organisations, businesses, charities and others to the latest Trading Standards issues/scams etc.
Please feel free to cascade this information to whomever you feel appropriate (including using the information in your newsletters/websites etc.). Please ignore any Restricted Notices on the bottom of this page – this is automatically generated but is not meant to apply to the information in this email.
The email alert system is designed to work as a two way communications system. Therefore, if you have any information you wish to provide to Warwickshire Trading Standards Service, either for our information, or to appear in future email alerts, please email me.

To add, amend or remove your details from this email circulation list, again, please email me.
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