NHW RU Incidents in High St, Warren Cl, Church Rd & Bagshaw Cl, Ryton & Speedway Ln & Avondale Rd, Brandon

Please be aware of the following incidents which have occurred in your area over recent days:
Incident 108 of 10 March
Between 3.30 and 10.30am on 10 March offenders attempted to break into a home in High Street, Ryton via an alleyway at the rear of the Blacksmiths Arms pub. The offenders smashed an electric meter and smashed a side gate but nothing was stolen.

Incident 23 of 14 March
During the night of 13 into 14 March offenders entered a home in Warren Close, Ryton through an insecure rear patio door. Once inside, the offenders carried out an untidy search before making off with a laptop computer and a handbag.

Incident 263 of 15 March
At some point before 5pm on 15 March offenders stole a large quantity of fuel from a Landrover vehicle parked on the driveway of a home in Church Road, Ryton.

Incident 106 of 18 March
During the night of 16 into 17 March offenders entered a home in Bagshaw Close, Ryton through the rear patio doors. Once inside, the offenders ignored laptop computers and made off with cash and a gold ring.

Incident 10 of 19 March
At just after 3am on 10 March offenders entered a home in Speedway Lane, Brandon. This activated the intruder alarm and the offenders made off with a handbag containing an IPad and Iphone and the keys to a silver Toyota vehicle. the keys were then used to steal the vehicle from the driveway.

The handbag and some of the contents were later recovered from a field off Speedway Lane.

Incident 45 of 19 March
At around 2am on 19 March offenders forced open a window at a home in Avondale Road, Brandon. The resident of the house believed that the offenders were disturbed and made off empty handed.

Please remain alert, on the lookout for suspicious persons, vehicles or activity around your own or neighbouring homes and please report anything unusual, or of concern, to Police on 101. Thankyou.


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