20/02/2013 ‘BBC’ Lottery Scam and other Advanced Fee Frauds
The names of bogus lotteries are becoming ever more bizarre! One resident contacted Warwickshire Trading Standards after receiving a congratulatory email from the ‘BBC National Lottery’, run in conjunction with ‘Microsoft’!
Like all bogus lotteries, the email asked the ‘winner’ to send copies of various personal documents and would then have requested money in advance of the $750,000 non-existent ‘prize’ being released.
James Feng Lui claims to work for the Shenzhen Development Bank and wants you to help him claim $10.5 million, the estate of a deceased person with your surname (so his letter says). He is willing to split the funds 50/50. Sadly those who take Mr Feng Lui up on his offer will only ever be asked for money to help the transfer of the fictitious millions along. And, Mr Lee Hao a bank worker in Hong Kong is writing to Warwickshire residents with the same offer.
Advanced fee frauds come in many shapes and sizes. Never reveal any personal or financial information to people you don’t know or trust and especially cold callers and senders of spam email/letters.
More about advanced fee frauds:$file/20120912_Advanced_Fee_Fraud.pdf

20/02/2013 Are You Really a Winner?Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning residents about letters which appear to suggest that you may have won prize, often by stating that a prize has been unclaimed or asking you to send in a claim form. The small print is usually the give-away in these cases where consumers are actually required to phone a premium rate number or send an expensive text (often as much as £10), just to find out if they have won and not to collect a prize at all!
You cannot win a lottery you have not entered. Always check the small print and beware of phoning or texting to check on your ‘prize ’. You may not have won anything at all and if you have, it will probably be worth less than the cost of the phone call!
More about scam lotteries:$file/Scambuster+A5+Campaign+English+2.pdf

20/02/2013 Tarmac Gang Warnings
Tarmac gangs are again operating in South Warwickshire villages. Residents are advised not to engage services on the doorstep. Tarmac gangs can be very persuasive/threating. Residents are best advised to keep their doors closed. Warwickshire Councils do not go door to door offering to re-surface residents driveways with left over tarmac. Tarmac gangs will do a poor job and charge a small fortune!

20/02/2013 Facebook ‘Product Testers’
Warwickshire Trading Standards are warning users of Facebook to beware of advertisements etc. from traders offering people the opportunity to ‘product test’ face creams, free for 30 days. One consumer reported taking up the offer for what she thought would only involve paying a small amount for postage and packing. Having provided her debit car details she was then told that if she did not return the goods within 14 day unopened, she would be charged £80!
Never provide your credit or debit cards to traders you don’t know or trust and always check the terms and conditions of any offer – whatever the headline claim may be. Trading Standards know that some traders have taken money from consumers accounts, even after they had cancelled, using a system called continuous payments authority. If you are in this situation the Financial Services Authority state that you can cancel such agreements directly with your bank. See their leaflet:


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