Neighbourhood Watch Alert 19th December 2012

19/12/2012 Scrap Car Scam Warning

Consumers wanting to scrap their cars are warned not to allow them to fall in to the hands of unscrupulous scrap dealers Warwickshire Trading Standards Service is warning.

Consumers are allowing their vehicles to be taken by scrap merchants without the proper paperwork being completed, and then not receiving the money they were promised.

Many of these ‘dodgy’ scrap dealers advertise on the Internet and some are using false names and addresses.

Having handed over their car, the owners then find out later that their vehicles are not scrapped at all, but are instead ‘repaired’ and sold on or used by criminals. And all the time, the original owner continues to be responsible for the vehicle!

Consumers have not only complained about not being paid for their cars but have also reported receiving penalties for vehicles they thought were no longer their responsibility. These include motoring offence fines and penalty points, parking fines or DVLA fines for not having a properly insured or taxed vehicle.

Warwickshire Trading Standards has received a number of reports recently about this scam. Here is advice on what you should do if you want to scrap your car:

19/12/2012 Euro Lottery Scam

Consumers have reported receiving more Euro Lottery scam letters, Warwickshire Trading Standards has reported. The latest claims that the ‘winner’ must pay 10% of his prize to a company that bought the ticket on his behalf! The letter’s recipient is asked to provide their bank details to send this 10% and receive their non-existent prize.

Never respond to these scams and bin them! Find out more about ‘prize winner’ scams:


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