Parish Plan Update

As at the cut-off date (16th November,) we received 451 completed survey questionnaires representing 39.56% of the village (residents and businesses).

This is a fantastic result and a big THANK YOU to everyone involved – it is a considerably better turn out than the PCC elections on Thursday!

The results for the on-line young people’s surveys are:

–          Youth survey (11-18 year olds) – 22

–          KS2 survey (Years 3-6) – 73

–          KS1 survey (up to Year 2) – 25

The youth survey response is disappointing – I guess the teenagers were too busy on the skateboard park to bother with the questionnaire!

We will be conducting the survey prize draws at the beginning of the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday evening (7.30pm, Morrison Room). You are welcome to pop along,


One Comment to “Parish Plan Update”

  1. We receved a further 7 completed questionnaires in the two days following the cut-off, making the total 458 which equals 40.18% of the village. This is a great response – thank you to everyone who took part.

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