What Issues is Binley Woods facing?

We need to identify the issues, and we need to know your point of view
So that we can develop a good Parish Plan questionnaire, please help us to identify those issues that residents of Binley Woods feel strongly about.

Examples of possible issues

  • Is speeding traffic or dog fouling a major problem?
  • Is parking a problem, or our narrow roads causing parked cars to block the pavement?
  • Are there problems with our refuse collection or public transport or pavements?
  • Do we have enough facilities for our youngsters or mothers & toddlers or elderly residents?  If not, what is missing?
  • Are we well served by the Police or NHS or Social Services?  If not, how could this be improved?
  • Is the infrequent evening bus service an issue?
  • What about the congestion in the Elm Close area?

Good things
Please affirm things that you value in the village that you would want protected and would not like to lose, such as:

  • Shops, including the pharmacy and dentist, and the Roseycombe
  • Village Hall and Village Hall Committee
  • Brandon Woods community woodland and the Friends of Brandon Woods
  • The street lighting provision and the 30mph limit on Rugby Road
  • Allotments, playing field, pavilion and village green with children’s playground
  • The 15 minute bus service into Coventry and evening buses to the hospital
  • The Primary School
  • Parish Council

You may agree or disagree with any of those examples, and you may have other ideas.  Please tell us what you think – we need to know your point of view!

Please take a few minutes to think about what issues you or your group believes need to be addressed and jot your views down in a comment below…  You can do that by clicking the “Comment”  link below. You can do it anonymously, or you can leave your name, and even add your e-mail address, as you wish.


5 Comments to “What Issues is Binley Woods facing?”

  1. Speeding on the minor roads, especially Woodlands Road, is a problem. How about a 20mph speed limit on all roads in the village except the main road?

  2. Congestion in Elm Close is a problem I think the garages which are hardly used should be knocked down and each maisonette given a parking space within this area, this would free up the road and pavement tremendously.

  3. Last week I attended a wake in the Village Hall. Returning from the funeral on one of the coldest days I was met by a warm, clean, well repaired Village Hall set up with table cloths and matching crockery for a splendid gathering in memory of Ray who had been an active member of this communicty for over 40 years. What hit me was that we have this wonderful facility because members of past generations and the current one have worked together to maintain it. And that’s the beauty of Binley Woods. The communicty have made so many things happen – the Pavilion, the Recreation field, Brandon Wood, the allotments, the village hall, the War Memorial.

    The future of the village is again in the hands of the community and it is important that we make a contribution. So please do think about what matters to you and encourgae those around you to contribute and fill in the forms that will be coming around.

    Rarely are we asked: normally we rally as a knee-jerk reaction to something being forced on us. This is an opporunity to influence from the beginning.

    And as I age I want a village with accessible public transport, affordable housing so that there are young people able to push my bathchair, local shops and especially a chemist and a community that work together to create a village that I feel safe to live in.

  4. Yes, Anon, I’ve also noticed the speeding on Woodlands Road. I also experience a related safety issue turning into Birchwood Road from Monks Road – parked cars reduce visibility of traffic coming along Birchwood Road, which means that, however careful I am, I sometimes get “surprised” by cars catching up behind me after I have turned into Birchwood Road. It’s not the fault of the parked cars – this is a residential area, and people have to park their cars at the side of the road. The problem is if people drive along our narrow “through roads” without taking account of the residential nature of the area.

  5. Since moving to Binley Woods 25 years ago, the ammount of property infill of land has been excessive. Where we live five properties have been built in the former garden next door and the property opposite applied to build three dwellings in their garden, which was fortunately rejected.

    The village is primarily an area for older and middle age residents with a lesser provision for younger people and low cost development. This cenario makes this a very pleasant area to live, to change this and move more towards an estate rather than a village would be detrimental to existing residents.

    We are fed up with people profiteering from selling land for development then moving away and leaving us to live with the consequences. This is not why we moved here in the first place – enough is enough.

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