Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 25/01/2012

These are the key points from the meeting.  For the full minutes please read the formal Minutes document.

Issues facing the village
To help us develop the Parish Plan Questionnaire, we are compiling a list of issues facing the village that residents feel strongly about.  We already have a long list, and we will be talking to all local and Village Hall user groups to establish their likely issues.

Housing Needs Survey Questionnaire
This is the Questionnaire for the Housing Needs Survey, which will be delivered personally to every household by members of the Steering Group and Volunteers Group over two weeks from the end of February.  Maximisation of the number of completed questionnaires returned will be helped by an explanation of its purpose and offer of assistance to each household on delivery.  All completed returned questionnaires will be entered into a £50 prize draw, to further encourage completions.

Open Day – 24th March
The Village Hall will be open to residents from 10am to 5pm.   The object is to enable residents to get to know more about the Parish Plan Project and the progress to date towards its final production.  A representative of Midlands Rural Housing will be available until 2 pm to deal with any questions relating to the Housing Survey.

Next Newsletter
Watch out for the next Newsletter, coming soon.  (The minutes document mentions coloured papaer for the Newsletter, but it will be on white paper because coloured is a lot more expensive.)

Team Get-Together – 20th February
This will be a get-together of the Steering Group and Volunteers.  The purpose of  this meeting will be to enable group members and volunteers to get to know each other, and to update volunteers on the present status of the project.   We’ll also work out arrangements for delivering the questionnaires.

See more information in the full minutes document.


One Comment to “Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 25/01/2012”

  1. Whoops! I got it wrong: the questionnaire that will be delivered in a few weeks time is the Housing Needs Survey questionnaire, and not the main Parish Plan one. I’ve put it right in the article above.

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