What should replace the library when it closes?

There is at present no indication of Warwickshire County Council’s intentions for the library site after it closes at the end of March.

As a prelude to our work on the Parish Plan for Binley Woods, we would like to invite residents to make suggestions on what you would like to see on this site.  Please do that by adding comments below this article, by clicking the link to “Leave a Comment”.  You can do that anonymously, or you can leave your name, and even your e-mail address, as you wish.

The aim here is to take the temperature before formalising the (comprehensive) survey that will be given to all Binley Woods residents.  So this exercise is not a survey, and we’re not asking you to vote.  But we would like to see what ideas are out there.

Here are some examples to get you thinking.  You may have others:

  • extend the adjacent Rugby Council sheltered housing
  • a car park for sports teams and supporters using the recreation field, to relieve parking congestion
  • social housing
  • a high-spec detached private residential property
  • a clinic / medical centre
  • a small gym along the lines of Wolston’s

Please pass the message on to your friends and neighbours in Binley Woods.  You can send them an e-mail by clicking the “Share this” grey e-mail icon below.  If you’re on Facebook, you can share it with your friends on Facebook by clicking the Facebook icon.

Now please leave a comment!


2 Comments to “What should replace the library when it closes?”

  1. What ever we get, it should benefit the whole community, not just a few.

  2. On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to endorse the ideas of either an extension to the provision of sheltered housing or the establishment of a clinic/medical centre. Our experience of living opposite the playing field for 34 years does not endear us to the idea of a car park – we think that might only become a meeting place and a possible venue for anti-social behaviour.

    Dave & Linda Hirons
    30 Birchwood Road
    Binley Woods

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