Facebook Connection

This is a temporary article to show the connection to Facebook.

(Apologies if you have received this twice)

This is how it is supposed to work:

  1. New articles on the the Parish Plan are added here, to the website
  2. They are automatically notified by e-mail to everyone who has added their e-mail address for notifications by e-mail
  3. They are also automatically notified to the Binley Woods Facebook community page
  4. And then Facebook will display the notification on the Facebook news feed for everyone who has liked the Binley Woods Facebook community page

I’m trying it out because Facebook is so opaque that I want to know it works before posting a real article here on the web page.

Facebook already misled me – it offered me the service of notifying a list of people about the new Binley Woods Facebook page, and so I thought it would send invitations to like the Binley Woods page.  In fact it seems it sent out friend requests to be my (John Stanley’s) friend!  Not the same thing at all.

So I won’t be at all offended if you don’t want to be my friend on Facebook, but if you are a member of Facebook, do please consider liking the Binley Woods Facebook page, which you can do right here on the website, by clicking the Like button on the right hand side of this page, where it says “Visit us on Facebook”.  It’s not the same thing as liking an article, which you do by clicking the Facebook icon at the end of an article – you know the difference?  Of course you do!

And more important, please draw the attention of Binley Woods people you know who are mainly users of Facebook, so they can like the Binley Woods Facebook community page and be able to participate in what is going on there.  The link to our Facebook page is also on the right of this page, where it says “Visit us on Facebook”.

You will also all be on tenterhooks to find out what happens to Comments…  I don’t know yet, so I will add a comment to this article, first to find out, and then to expose my new knowledge to you.  If anyone can’t wait, then you can add a comment too.


5 Comments to “Facebook Connection”

  1. I thought that I would leave a comment to how how (if?) it works! Ken,

  2. Actually, it didn’t quite work – the sysyem seems to think I’m the dog!!!
    Let’s try again…

  3. We’re getting closer – the system thought I was the ‘Binley Woods Parish Plan’ that time.
    Oh well, third time lucky!

  4. OK, so the system now thinks I’m Ken Short, but has left off my picture.
    One final attempt…

  5. Well, it recognises logins to WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. So if you are logged in to any of those when you make your comment, it will use that login to identify you. It tells you which one, below the comment box. You can change it by clicking the “change” link.

    So, Ken, the first time you must have been logged in as the dog on Facebook, second one it used your Twitter ID, third one you weren’t logged in to anything but identified your name, and the last time you used your personal Facebook login.

    My suggestion to anyone making a comment is, if you are logged on to Facebook and make a comment, it’s probably best to use that ID to make your comment. Check below the comment box, where it says “You are commenting using your Facebook account”. If you are not a Facebook user, you can enter your name and e-mail address in the boxes provided. If you want to make an anonymous comment, or only want to give your name, then make sure you aren’t logged in to Facebook!

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