Parish Council Newsletter advertises the Parish Plan

This month’s Parish Council Newsletter included information on the Parish Plan Public Launch meeting and the first meeting of the Steering Group.

The complete newsletter is on the Parish Council website.  It’s the November 2011 one here.

Here is an extract, about what happens next …

Want To Get Involved?

Whilst we had a great response to our initial appeal for volunteers, we would be grateful for more help. We are especially keen to find residents who:

  • Can represent the views of the younger elements of the community – parents and toddlers, primary school age and teenagers – and other community groups
  • Have architectural experience and could spare a couple of hours a month to help out with the Village Design Statement

If you are interested in any of the above, or just want to get involved in this key project for the village, please give Ken a bell on 02476 540422.

What next?

There will be lots happening on the Parish Plan in the New Year:

  • We will be canvassing the views of residents, local clubs and community groups over what the Parish Plan should cover;
  • We intend holding a Public Exhibition in the Village Hall where you can come along and share your views on the issues facing Binley Woods and tell us what you like, and don’t like, about the village;
  • A Housing Needs questionnaire will be issued to all residents and we would urge you to fill it in, even if you do not have any immediate housing needs; and
  • Later in the year, you will receive the Parish Plan / Village Design Statement questionnaire asking for your input to help shape the village’s future. Please, please, please fill this in – it is your main opportunity to have your say.

The first edition of the Parish Plan newsletter is due out early in 2012 and will have further details on the above. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode…



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