Parish Plan Steering Group Meeting 27/10/2011

This is a summary of the meeting.  For the full minutes please read the formal Minutes document.

As this was the first Steering Group meeting, the members introduced themselves in turn. It was apparent that we had a broad section of the community represented on the Steering Group with a great deal of experience of serving Binley Woods village.

What Do We Want To Produce?

After some discussion, it was agreed that we will produce all three possible deliverables:

  • Parish Plan
  • Housing Needs Survey
  • Village Design Statement

Each one was seen as a valuable tool to help shape the future of the village.  Three sub-groups will be formed to take each one forward.  Members of the Sub-groups are listed in the full meeting minutes.

We will consider a “pre-questionnaire” to determine those issues that the residents of Binley Woods feel should be covered in the Parish Plan.

The Parish Plan should be a living document that would continue to develop and evolve to meet the changing needs of the village.

Date of Next / Future Meetings

Future Steering Group meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month except December and August.


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