Parish Plan Steering Group Agenda 27/10/2011

Morrison Room, 7:30 pm


1. Introduction & Welcome (Paul Salisbury, Chairman, Parish Council)
2. Round Table Introductions
3. Election of Chairman
4. Election of Officers / Specialists

  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster

5. What Do We Want To Produce?

  • Parish Plan
  • Housing Needs Survey
  • Village Design Statement

6. Champions / Sub-groups Chairman
7. Communications / IT
8. Methodology
9. Next Steps
10. Date of Next / Future Meetings


2 Comments to “Parish Plan Steering Group Agenda 27/10/2011”

  1. What are the views of the parish council on the proposal by Warwickshire CC to turn off 80% of the streetlights between the hours of midnight and 5am.

  2. The County Council’s proposals will not impact the majority of streets in Binley Woods as all street lighting (except the Rugby Road) is now managed by the Parish Council, rather than by Warwickshire County Council.
    We are in the process of producing a Parish Plan and, through the questionnaire to be issued in the autumn, will seek Binley Woods residents’ views on whether some street lights should be turned off in the early hours to save energy.

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